In Syktyvkar declining populations of starlings and feral pigeons


Photo: from the archives of "Pro Town"

21.05.12.V Komi capital and its environs have recently significantly reduced the number of wild pigeons and starlings.

According to the head of the Laboratory of Animal Ecology, Institute of Biology, Komi Scientific Center, Ural Academy of Sciences Sergei Kachanov, this situation for several reasons.
— Climate change, urbanization, deforestation, industrial development areas — all affect the size and halo bird — said the scientist.

One of the important factors of extinction starlings Kachanov believes few bird houses in the city. The fact that in the northern latitudes, these birds live mainly in the birdhouse.
— However, the critical number of starlings will not name — reassured ornithologist.
It is felt

Some scientists believe that the decrease in the population of one species or another increase — a consequence of a natural cycle. Such cycles, a period which on average is 11 years, a normal occurrence in nature.

Author: Anastasia Sivkova


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