In Thailand, floods have killed 212 people

BANGKOK, Sept. 3 — RIA Novosti, Yevgeny Belenky. The death toll in the past two and a half months as a result of the disastrous seasonal flooding in Thailand has reached 212 people, said on Monday the Permanent Secretary (Deputy Minister) of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Thailand Pranav Suvannarat.

Statement by the Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Interior published on Monday by electronic media in the country.

"Continuing difficult situation in 25 provinces of the north, northeast and center of the country," — said at a press briefing on Monday Suvannarat, whose words are quoted by the electronic version of the newspaper Bangkok Post. Thailand is divided into 77 administrative provinces.

As of September 3 Disaster Warning Center Interior Ministry, which is headed Suvannarat, confirmed the death of 212 people from 25 July, that is, from the day, when the flood. More than a million hectares of rice fields flooded with water, they die unharvested crops, the report said. Irrigation reservoir north, north-west and center of the country are filled with 99 per cent.

"With the breakthrough of several gateways, including the province of Ayutthaya, the situation has only become worse," — said in a briefing Suvannarat.

"Water infiltrated" historic park "in the province of Ayutthaya and the day before for the first time in many years, filled the main historical monuments of the ancient Thai capital," — he added.

The level of flooding in Ayutthaya province and neighboring provinces from two to four meters, Bangkok Post reported, citing the Department of Irrigation in Thailand. Flooded and closed to the airport flight northern province of Lampang, completely halted rail traffic on the northern part of Thailand's railways. The administrative center of the province of Lampang, which filled two-meter layer of water for five weeks, local residents staged a flat-bottomed rowing boats race through the streets of the city, for some time to distract and divert the neighbors from the pressing problems "semi-submersible" life, wrote on Monday, the newspaper Nation.

Dozens of Buddhist temples built in the hills and uplands, became a gathering place for residents whose houses are completely flooded. Government officials and volunteers of charitable organizations brought daily by boat to the monasteries, completely cut off from the outside world, daily necessities, food and water, said the newspaper.

More than fifty thousand people are being prepared for evacuation in Chiang Mai province, where in some areas located in the foothills, and descended mudslides that killed local people and destroyed dozens of homes.

Part of the northern suburbs of the capital of Thailand, Bangkok, the second day is under meter of water. However, the city administration on Monday once again announced that it has taken measures "should be enough to prevent a large-scale flooding in the capital." Completed in September barrage of thousands of sandbags to protect the most vulnerable embankments Chaophraya River and the coastal districts of the city.

Fence while successfully carry out their task, despite the fact that the water level in the river has long gone beyond the critical limits, the statement said Hall Bangkok, released Monday.

Flooding in Thailand provoked abnormally heavy seasonal rains, which this year began earlier than at the beginning of the rainy season. The end of the rainy season is expected in mid-October.


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