In the Amur Bay mass death of fish


Beijing, June 15 (New Region, Daria Neklyudova) — In Peninsula De Vries in Vladivostok found the mass death of fish. Examination of samples of dead fish did not reveal the content of harmful substances, the representative of the Pacific Research Fisheries Centre.

"According to experts, Zamora was due to lack of oxygen in the water. This is not the first fish kills in the Amur Bay, which occurred because of this. This should be matched by several factors, first of all — the absence of currents and the presence of a great number of organic matter, because of what strengthens the processes of decay and, consequently, the amount of oxygen, "- said in a statement TINRO center, reports," Rossiyskaya Gazeta ".

Therefore we can not directly link the death of fish with the construction of the bridge to the peninsula nizkovodnogo De Vries, as some environmentalists, but it is impossible to deny that the construction of the object could indirectly strengthen the process of hypoxia in the Amur Bay.

Source: New Region

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