In the Atlantic, on the Russian sailing ship was attacked by extreme sea animals

The team of Siberian travelers, extreme led Novosibirsk Kulikov during the transition from the non-stop coast of Namibia to Brazil found in his inflatable trimaran hole.
"This morning, the team discovered a few holes in the balloon of his ship. Apparently, tri attacked a marine animal or fish. Character holes — stab," — said in a statement posted Friday on the website of one of the participants travel Yevgeny Kovalevsky .
Danger to life travelers received tri damage are not as inflatable cylinders have several independent sections. "However, the vessel needs to be repaired, and repairs afloat in the middle of the ocean will not be easy," — said the extremal.
As previously reported, a team of adventurers in Siberia is the third stage of the world tour. During this phase, Kulik, E. Kovalevsky, E. and J. TASHKINOV Masloboev already passed 5600 kilometers from Mauritius to Namibia (the port of Walvis Bay). This route is one of the most difficult in the world of sailing: boat rounded the southern Africa, passing the legendary Cape of Good Hope.
February 25 team kicked off the coast of Africa to Brazil to make the transition across the Atlantic in 30 days, without going into any port. At this transition an application to the Guinness Book of Records as the longest continuous passage on a sailing vessel in an inflatable multihull sailing history, reports "Interfax".
The total distance from Seychelles to Brazil, which will take travelers approximately 14,000 kilometers. The journey will take about 2-3 months.
Kulik team in 2006-2007 for the first time in the world crossed the Indian Ocean on an inflatable sailing catamaran off the coast of the United Arab Emirates to Thailand. The route was 7,000 miles, the team was on the road 60 days.

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