In the Chinese province of Jiangxi typhoon Haykuey affected 330,000 people

In East China's Jiangxi Province as a result of floods, strong winds and landslides caused by typhoon "Haykuey" hit 330 thousand inhabitants. This is reported by the local media today with reference to the provincial authorities.

From disaster areas temporarily relocated more than 33 thousand people. The water level in the largest freshwater lake in China — Poyang risen by 0.20 meters above the critical level and 2.25 meters higher than the annual average. Severely damaged the famous center of Jingdezhen porcelain manufacturing city — it was evacuated more than 182 thousand inhabitants.

Typhoon "Haykuey" collapsed Wednesday at the coastal Chinese province of Zhejiang and began to move westward into the interior. As previously reported, the economic loss suffered as eastern China, $ 1.6 billion.

"Haykuey" — the third typhoon that hit eastern China last week, and 11 account for the year.

Source: ITAR-TASS.

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