In the Chinese province of recorded cases of bubonic plague


Xining, Sept. 30 / Xinhua / — In Qinghai Province / Northwest China / recorded case of infection of the bubonic plague, which led to the aircraft outcome. Area where the outbreak was detected, surrounded, quarantined there. The current situation with the epidemic is under control.

In a message posted on September 29 Qinghai provincial health department, said that the 34-year-old man from the county Huanyuan suspected bubonic plague, see a doctor on September 27, after September 25 he had a headache and fever. Doctors to save his life failed and he died in the second half of the day. It was found that the deceased from 11 to 21 September hunted hunting marmot Tsilyan district of the province.

Epidemiological surveys, clinical symptoms and laboratory tests confirmed the disease hunter bubonic plague. It has been established that the deceased in contact with 11 people, they are under the supervision of doctors. Danger signs of the disease they have been identified.

Bubonic plague — one of the most popular forms of plague, low-shifting to.

Source: Russian.News.Cn

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