In the footage, NASA sent probes to the moon, were the ruins of a building

January 16, 2013 4:13

Two research vehicles before crashing into our natural satellite at the end of December 2012, did an amazing video.

Probes crashed near the North Pole of the moon on the night of 17 to 18 December 2012, crashing into the rocks at a speed of about 2 kilometers per second Photo: NASA

Probes crashed near the North Pole of the moon on the night of 17 to 18 December 2012, crashing into the rocks at a speed of about 2 kilometers per second Photo: NASA

There remained only the foundation

NASA released footage taken by the camera, which were installed on the twin satellites Ebb and Flow. Agency broke the surface of the moon for research purposes. Shooting took place on December 14 — three days before the planned disaster. One camera filmed the picture in front — in the course of the flight, the other — behind. Surface features of the moon appeared from a height of less than 10 kilometers. Spectacle — in itself exciting.

Kind of surprise appears at 56 seconds promulgated NASA film made up of a number of consecutive photos. One of the probe passes over the object rather impressive rectangular. At least that appears to the observer facing part of the design. It is similar to the ruins, which remained the foundation. Removes camera mounted behind the probe, so the object is removed.

On the Internet, there are numerous pictures of "lunar buildings" — objects, similar to the man-made. But their origin is uncertain. The source of the current frame is known.

NASA but does not pay attention to the "ruins" and did not comment on them. No information even about their location. A clear trajectory of probes. They moved from pole to pole.

Most likely, even if there will be an explanation, the rectangle on the lunar surface would be called an optical illusion or a whimsical play of light and shadow.

What generally takes two men on the moon — Ebb and Flow

The twin probes Ebb and Flow over a year studying the anomalies of the gravitational field of the Moon and its inner structure, the project GRAIL (Gravity Recovery and Interior Laboratory). Oversaw the project and developed probes Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).

In the shot hit an object similar to the remains of the foundation of Credit: NASA

In the shot hit an object similar to the remains of the foundation of Credit: NASA

Couple flying at an altitude of about 50 kilometers. And just before crashing into the surface, down below.
Any gravitational anomaly — even the smallest — impact on the apparatus. As a result, changes the distance between them — either increasing or decreasing. Devices to the difference up to hundredths of a millimeter. That, in turn, on the assertions of scientists will create a detailed map of most of these anomalies, and, finally, to understand what is inside the moon.

According to the supervisor of the mission of Maria Zuber (Maria Zuber), professor of geophysics at MIT, the measurements will verify which hypothesis of the moon the most sensible. One by one, our natural satellite originated from material ejected by the collision of Earth with a Mars-sized object.

According to another hypothesis, the Moon was formed after the collision of two natural satellites. As a result, there was only one. It-now and howling wolves and dogs.

After processing the data, the scientists are going to find in our neighbor cavities, which are likely to actually exist.

About cavities talking a couple of years ago, after the photo, sent by the Japanese probe Kaguya (Kaguya), managed to see at least one hole that leads to the underworld. American machine Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter (LRO), sent specially to the area anomalies (southern hemisphere, sea Dreams (Mare Ingenii)), confirmed: "back door" — it is not an optical illusion. Its diameter — 130 meters. Depth — is not known. The bottom is not visible. But it seems that the system departs from the hole lunar caves, including and tunnels, and extensive facilities.

The idea of a dungeon enjoy ufologists. They believe that it is there to be found traces of the intelligent aliens. You can laugh about it. But the logic is. For example, if people fly to the moon and create the database, then the best place for living quarters than tunnels, and is not found. After all layers of rock, located on top could well protected from radiation and temperature fluctuations.

One of the goals of the crash probe on the surface — to check whether the moon is not hollow at all, as an empty shell of a walnut. This assumption is expressed most hotheads. Already this year it will become clear how much it is delusional. But today we know for sure: a lot of our neighbors are very unevenly distributed inside.

— It is possible that with the GRAIL we find something amazing that would make rethink all our ideas about the moon, I'd like it to — Maria Zuber optimistically declared even before the start of the project.

The prophecy came true scholar. Although perhaps not as she wanted. Probably not ruin it waited …

Vladimir Lagowski

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