In the future, people will be bulletproof

December 25, 2011 16:29


The studies of Dutch biologist Abdul Wahab Al-Jalil and artist Halbzuri Essaydi Kevlar can lose the title of most durable fabric in the world and to give way to an organic compound web and human skin.

We created a new bullet-proof material, which has no name, the potential is huge. Kevlar bulletproof has 33 layers and web itself is 3 times stronger than Kevlar and 15 times stronger than steel.

Previously, any additional material with a network of connected poorly. Only the skin was a universal hardener for spider "glue." So in the future, scientists plan to the possibility of implanting the web directly into the body.

"The idea came to me sometime in 2011. I read that in the process of manufacture of bulletproof vests to add silk fabric woven by spiders, and decided to experiment. What will happen if this silk implant to another matter? "- Says Jalil Essaydi.

While the skin is grown scientists are not so strong to stop a bullet at full speed: able to grow only 4-layer material. But along with neurosurgeons, scientists and biologists will continue to work to improve his invention. They are convinced that the future spider silk can be used in medicine, and use it to regenerate lost limbs.

"All depends on the human mind. If you are ready to change your genetic code to be bulletproof, you'll have a chance. It's hard to say how far we go with our invention. But there is a danger that the development of durable leather will result in the development of disruptive force of arms "- adds Essaydi.

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