In the Kuban began to multiply multi-colored edible grapes


Most of the Kuban Cossacks, perhaps would never have learned about the gimmick, did not post a resident of Krasnodar, Dmitry Grigoriev, one of the most popular forums on the web advertisement for the sale of seeds miracle plant.

The text is accompanied Photo grapes with shades of all colors of the rainbow. At first glance it may seem that especially berries splashed with different colors in order to attract the attention of Internet users. Some immediately announced — say, an unusual Gronchi another fake and taking it seriously should not be.

— Bunches of grapes outlandish I saw myself for the first time during a recent visit to Holland — told "Komsomolskaya Pravda" Dmitry Grigoriev.
— Well, I think I'll book-ka seeds of unusual plants. Parcels with the seed I have to send in the Netherlands a few days ago. The residue was going to sell. Therefore advertised on the forum.

About an unusual solar berry in our region, as it turned out, almost no one knows. Yes, to be sure, even if the Ministry of Agriculture of the Krasnodar Territory news about what is going to sell kraytsentra resident spotted fruit seeds, perceived at first as a joke. Later, however, have confirmed — the representative of colorful flora in nature actually exists.

— Grapes "Ampelopsis" is not adapted to our region — said "KP" Sc.D., professor of the Kuban Agricultural University Leonid Troshin. — Brought the seeds of grapes to us in the 19th century. He now grows only in a few places — some near Anapa and plantations uchhoza "Kuban".

Colored berries, according to the scientist, with a diameter of about 3.4 millimeters. "Rainbow" grapes are generally used for decorative purposes. With the help of special plant suckers perfectly clings to the building, its fruit is very well decorated as business offices and private homes. — I'll be honest, he grapes taste disgusting, I would say even sickening — adds Leonid Troshin.

— But he is a good natural laxative. It is not known why, but the grapes love foxes.

Most often, the clusters' Ampelopsisa "painted in blue, yellow, blue and black colors. For seed miracle plant has no fixed state prices. Dmitry Grigoriev offers to buy them for 6 rubles per seed.

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