In the national park Burabay a fish kill occurred.

Almaty. August 12. Kazakhstan Today — In Akmola region Chebache Big Lake in the National Natural Park "Burabay" there was a mass death of fish, reports Kazakhstan Today. As the director of the northern branch of LLC "KAZNIIRH" Zhetkergen Abdiev mainly surfaced fish species of whitefish and perch. "Whitefish are generally cold water, and we assume that the depth of the lake was crustal movement, thus emitting gas. Fish received a one-time deep stress "- said J. Abdiev, reported He noted that "this is one of the versions, which will either confirm or reject the National Nuclear Center, Institute of Geophysical Research of Kazakhstan, where the request is directed." According to him, last year also saw the release of a dead fish, but then the summer was dry and cold does not stand the test of heat. Meanwhile, local anglers reported that the dead fish floated on the river, and also in line Kylshakty Kokshetau. "The question we have to control. SES urban taken water samples and dead fish, but after analysis, it will be possible to say something concrete, "- said the environmental prosecutor of Koons Balgozhina.

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