In the north-eastern United States about a hundred seals washed ashore


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16.10.11.Na coast of New Hampshire in the northeast United States for some strange reason, the mass ejected seals, CBS reported with reference to the Associated Press.

The first dozen emissions seals found surfers.

Seals always beaching at the end of September, but this year it did four times more animals than in the past, he said the group has worked to save seals, Tony Lacasse. Since the beginning of September on the shore jumped 94 seals. On average, their age is less than a year, and they look healthy.

"It's a kind of mystery" — said Lacasse on the causes of this phenomenon. The researchers expect the results of examinations, to help determine what happened. It is possible that the virus has spread in seals.

If the seals continue to be released, it can significantly reduce their numbers off the coast of the United States.

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