In the Odessa area meteorite crashed healthy

September 1 at 21:30 in the surrounding villages to the village of Nikolayevka in the Odessa region (bordering Mykolayiv) explosion and felt the ground shake! Those who saw the fireball and the subsequent loop, realized that the meteorite fell, and, apparently, not small!Vladimir Gritsai, promptly inform about the incident, "Ukraine abnormal", says the survey of residents nearby villages Stryukova, Victorovca and Berezovka and they said the fall from the sky a bright ball, and the proposed impact area — a village Nikolaevka. Also, according to rumors, the police on the supposed site of the crash put the cordon."I myself, unfortunately, was not able to search for the meteorite or watch the unfolding events — sorry Vadim — pursed work. Nor is it clear why the news went unnoticed. Meteorite seems to be small, and this event is not so common ".

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