In the Orenburg region lightning killed a woman and injured a man

Saraktash Interdistrict Investigation Department of the Union of Russian SU Orenburg region checks on the discovery of the corpse of 55-year-old local woman at an apartment house on the street. Central village Shishma reported "Domostroi" the press service of the Russian SU IC in the region.

Previously found that the August 17, 2011 around 08:00 hours in the village Shishma Saraktash area by a lightning strike, which went into the ground, hit the 55-year-old local woman and 57-year-old shepherd village who accompanied the cows in the herd.

She died at the scene, the man was rushed unconscious to the central district hospital with a diagnosis of an electrical shock. Status of the victim is stable.

Size of the crater formed by a lightning strike, are: a diameter of about 30 cm, the depth of -10 cm

The corpse of a woman sent to morgue for forensic examination and determine the cause of death.

When the scan is to be further action.

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