In the Penza region of midges killed livestock. Video


7.05.12.V our region emerged midges killer. Insect bite cows, and those killed during the day. In the veterinary service of dozens of residents turned Narovchat, Nizhnelomovsky and Bashmakovskogo areas: people ask how to protect the animals.

"In order not to attack the insects, it is necessary to spray the animals pasture repellents, such as" creolin "or" Tseperil "(these drugs have on each veterinary station required number)", — said the Chief Veterinary Officer of the Penza region Michael Halacha.

Veterinarians are advised not to graze cows in ponds and in the lowlands, where there is no wind, periodically check the condition of the animals, and even the slightest suspicion to consult specialists.

But midges — so bad, as many problems and bring ticks.

"They are the carriers gemosporidiozov that lead to diseases such as anaplasmosis, babesiosis. Studies show that 30-35% of ticks infected with these pathogens, arthropods so dangerous for animals and for the people ", — said Mikhail Halacha.

As ticks and lice — the local pests. They appear every year, but in 2012, due to heavy flooding and high temperatures in April insects sprung a huge amount. To deal with them can be done only with a veterinarian who will work in the May holidays, no weekends. By the way, vetposty available in all districts.

Source: PenzaInform

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