In the pool of spent fuel Fukushima I» of explosion


16.03.11.Vnimanie employees "Fukushima I» now riveted to the fourth power unit, where the spent fuel storage pool. On the eve of a hydrogen explosion occurred there, which destroyed the roof of the building. On Wednesday morning, a fire that was later extinguished.

Due to the failure of the cooling system fuel rods began to overheat and naked, and there is risk of starting an uncontrolled reaction and explosion — with the release of radioactive substances into the atmosphere.

The first, second and third reactors cooled with seawater from helicopters. The operation had to be suspended because of the radiation situation.

Prkedstaviteli IAEA announced the possible start melting and sintering — the so-called "Meltdown" — in the active zones of the first and third reactors.

A similar situation in the second block, according to Japanese experts, has so far been avoided — reactor shed boric acid and sea water.

The fifth and sixth blocks station personnel are ready for active cooling — temperature there is also growing.

In Japanese cities intensified monitoring of the radiation situation. In some places, the background is much increased.

In special centers everyone can get monitored.

The head of one of the centers said that on Wednesday, had to disable a person by means of water.

Radius exclusion zone around the plant was already 28 kilometers.

A growing number of Japanese journalists say that doubt the ability of the authorities to cope with the situation in an emergency accident.


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