In the Rostov region destroyed in 1000 because of the plague of pigs


23.08.11.V Rodionovo-Nesvetayskom district of Rostov region completed the destruction of pigs on STF LLC "Rostov-World."

By the morning of August 22 all 992 pigs were destroyed. To help the Veterinary Services Department rescuers brought the prevention and elimination of emergencies. In the hamlet Novotroickoe, after August 19 in another sector of the company was found infection — the second time this month — are quarantine.

"In the Rostov region to the case at STF" Rostov-World "was recorded six unsuccessful cases. Five of them — among wild boars and one among domestic pigs. Last quarantine was lifted in early May. But, unfortunately, the STF confirmed the diagnosis of ASF, it was the first hull number six, in the beginning of August. All pigs in the outbreak, we killed a bloodless method, conducted burning bodies, disinfect the area. In the remaining cases are conducted daily monitoring, and August 19, confirmed the diagnosis of ASF in another case. The population was about a thousand heads, but today all the activities carried out in full, pigs STF no more ", — said Aveda sector organizations anti-epizootic measures Department of Veterinary Rostov region Vladimir Zhilin.

Only a year after all the quarantine this economy can reapply for breeding pigs. Today, near the four communities in the vicinity of an infected ENTERPRISE put diz-barriers, people are more antiviral treatment. Quarantine in all four settlements will run until September 25.

Source: STRC "Don-TR"

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