In the skies over the Absheron observed activation of UFOs. Whats going on?

September 2, 2012 19:55

The other day in the local media reported that, on 28 August in Baku in Baku settlement Ahmedly direction in the sky local residents observed an unidentified flying object (UFO).

Letter of the UFO was observed in Azerbaijan to the Editor Day.Az received and from our reader named Emily.

"August 29th in 22:00, while in Sumgait, I saw in the window of a bright blue light. The glow lasted a few seconds. Out on the street was heard strong buzz. The first time I ever saw anything like this — says Emilia. — To call relatives, they live in the village of Sarai. They also heard the roar, but did not see the glow. After that they went out the light. "

Day.Az appealed to the Azerbaijani researcher esoteric Vagif Alekperov, who commented on the fact that the appearance of a UFO in the sky over the country as follows:

"The roar and a bright flash in Sumgait easier to be linked with natural causes — a short circuit at the transformer substation, which is located far away. However, long powerful sounds were heard in the distance, is calculated in kilometers. It is unlikely that the transformer is capable of such a big issue, in addition, had to fuse and quickly turn off the current. Strange and that a power failure in the Sumgait was not — light off only in the village of Sarai.

These contradictions force to search for connection of the case with the previous drone anomalies in Baku: villagers Ahmedly reported in the media that have seen UFOs in the late evening of August 28. For a similar buzz, or "creaking of the earth", which, since August last year, occasionally worried residents of many cities of the world, I said six months ago in the pages of Day.Az — in an article entitled "The story of the" creaking of the earth "in Baku takes an unexpected turn ". According to my version of the source of the mysterious sounds are UFOs. The current appearance of unidentified objects appeared over Baku and then buzz in Sumgayit are further arguments in favor of such an assumption. "

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