In the solar corona are teeming with UFO

October 6, 2012 17:06

In recent months, something incredible is happening in the solar corona. The pictures transmitted from watching the sun probe "Soho" and "Stereo" and posted on the official website of NASA experts began to find strange, obviously artificial objects …

First UFO near the Sun was discovered back in 2010, since then a lot of the facts noted the presence of objects around the sun the size of a planet Earth.

Trying to hide secrets

Unusual formations that are too correct forms, first found in the photographs of prominences, now found on almost the entire surface of the sun.


NASA is no comment. Experts who do not believe in the existence of UFOs, explain the "inconsistencies" in the photographs defects shooting different angles of illumination, noise and other natural causes. But UFO is not convinced. Anomalies too much to talk about accidents. Strange balls, lenses, disks appear and swarm in the solar corona, then plunging into its depths, then surfacing with protuberances. The value of some objects, apparently, is enormous. Plaque formation seen in some prominences are comparable in size to the Earth, and in early March this year, the Sun was recorded perfectly proper sphere the size of Jupiter.

Independent experts have already drawn attention to the fact that NASA and then remove from their own websites as images the solar corona. And when the pictures appear again, experts find them clear signs of retouching. Obviously, the U.S. space agency is not like someone so keen an interest, it would seem highly specialized, routine and uninteresting field of space research — the study of the Sun.

In the sun there is life?

Professional hit shots solar output, the probe made "Stereo" December 1, 2011. A huge solar flare is almost reached for Mercury, brightly illuminating the vicinity of this small planet. Careful study of frames showed that prominence by way of "flowing around" strange dark object is cylindrical, half the size of Mercury. No other hypothesis, except that this alien space ship is not there. NASA was quick to remove those images, but questions remain.

Currently popular hypothesis that UFOs — are intelligent energy education is a particular form of life. It could arise in the sun, long before the publication of the Earth and other planets. In other words, the UFO — reasonable plasmoids arriving from the Sun. On Earth, they are watching the development of protein-carbon life and human civilization. Sometimes they come into contact with people, transforming into a human-like figure. Beings have the highest plasma technologies based on incomprehensible to us laws, own telepathy, telekinesis and other abilities that are believed to be abnormal.

It is assumed that giant UFO in the near vicinity of the sun can be something of a "ship-queens." Huge near the Sun, they are moving away from it are divided into smaller objects that fly through the solar system.

UFO activity in the orbit of the Sun September 28, 2012

Sun — a transit point?

In addition to the hypothesis of rational plazmoidnoy life, there is one: the sun is the entrance to the "wormhole" through which a short time in real time, you can travel back to the most distant corners of the universe.

In these "holes" are very special laws of space-time. For UFOs have long since learned to use them, the Sun — a kind of transit point in their journeys to outer space. In the sun, they "jump" from the "hole", "look around", defining the position and further specifying the route, and then, not too lingering here again dive into the "hole." And our photographic probes captures only the largest of them. In reality, the UFO using "wormhole" in the sun, much more.

Very exotic looks hypothesis, related to the Mayan prophecy about the end times in 2012. It turns out that there are people who seriously believe that this year will be a mass landing of aliens on Earth, and while an armada of ships focuses on the Sun.

Whatever it was, but repeatedly increased UFO activity in the vicinity of our star guards and forces to bring this phenomenon most attention.

Igor Voloznev

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