In the Stavropol region quarantined for brucellosis


4.03.11.Vspyshka brucellosis in cattle recorded in the village of Abram-Tube Neftekumsk district of the Stavropol Territory. This was announced by the deputy head of the Veterinary Surveillance of Stavropol George Dzhailidi.

— Identified 11 cases of animals that are already dead. Currently under corrective measures and initiated the study. In the village quarantined, implemented restrictive measures that prohibit the export of not only cattle, but all the animals of the territory of the village, as well as milk, — said Dzhailidi.

He noted that the infected animals were kept in ten different farmsteads village. Currently, all private farms animals are blood tests for brucellosis, and in case of a positive animal is slaughtered.

Representative office said that the quarantine will not be filmed in the village for as long as it receives a double negative for brucellosis.

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Brucellosis — an acute or chronically leaking infectious-allergic disease of humans and animals. Characterized by a variety of clinical manifestations, duration, lesions of the nervous system, bones and joints. Pathogens — microorganisms Brucella three kinds: goat, sheep, bovine and porcine. A person infected with brucellosis in the use of contaminated milk, dairy products and meat (not subjected to the required cooking) of infected animals, as well as caring for them, cleaning for infected cattle. Causative agents of brucellosis can enter the body through a break as the skin and mucous membranes (abrasions, scratches, etc.) and the respiratory tract.

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