In the Sverdlovsk region. explosion and fire occurred on the pipeline


17.02.2011, Yekaterinburg 10:44:33 on console attendant regional Emergencies Ministry today at 06:37 MSK received a report of a fire at the technical pipeline, at the site of Novoivdelskogo linear control station, located 26 km from g.Ivdelya in Sverdlovsk region. As reported in the regional EMERCOM, burning dust collector at the technology pipeline with a diameter of 80 mm.

According to preliminary information, there was a leak in the pipeline connectors, followed by inflammation, and the result was a small explosion. Triggered automatic protection, gas through this pipeline was closed and sent on reserve branches.

Disturbances in the gas supply to consumers not. Currently, there is no combustion. The fire damaged the pipeline on a technical area of 1.5 square meters. m Injured. Threat to the environment there.

At the scene, left the task force of the 18th Detachment of the Federal Fire Service Ivdel, 5 units of fire fighting equipment, and 15 personnel.


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