In the U.S., in March this year turned out to be a record warm

In the U.S. this spring was abnormally hot — in less than two weeks, the country has met or beaten more than 7,000 temperature records. These data are distributed on Friday the National Climatic Data Center USA.

"It's unprecedented warming" — said the data Heidi Cullen nonprofit organization "Climate Centre." She said the area covered by the heat extremely extensive. This suggests that abnormal for this time of year, weather conditions "will remain more than one day," said the expert.

According to ITAR-TASS, record high temperatures were recorded not only in the daytime, but at night. "Record the minimum temperature — that's what makes this particular wave of the heat wave" — said Cullen. According to her, this phenomenon supports the theory that every year the spring will be the earlier. This year in the United States (excluding Alaska and Hawaii) winter on average over three days earlier than usual.

In this case, the earliest spring came in Montana, Washington, Oregon, Nevada, Utah and Connecticut — they are the first buds have blossomed five days earlier than normal — 15 March. The temperature in Manhattan on March 22 reached 26 degrees Celsius, which was the record for the fourth week of the month.

Scientists warn that the premature warming is not the best impact on the health of individuals with chronic diseases, especially allergies. Over the past half century the average length of the season dusting increased by one to two weeks. Plays a significant role, and pollution — an increase in greenhouse gases holds, for example, abundant flowering ragweed — one of the most dangerous weeds allergens.


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