In the UK, grew huge plants

October 27, 2011 13:51

Gunner-Brazilian giant rhubarb (Gunnera Manicata) itself is a great plant. Its leaves are at home, in the humid swamps of Brazil, reaching a diameter of 1.5 m -3. But this year, in the botanical gardens of Dorset (UK) grew very very hefty shoots, reaching 11 feet in diameter — 3.4 meters.

In this case, giant rhubarb grows there for thirty years, but such a giant hit this year. Garden curator Stephen Griffith believes that the reason for this incredible humidity and heat, which was in the country in the summer and just before last week. That is the climate in the UK this year, almost on par with Brazil.

Griffith says that visitors to botanical gardens amazed huge leaves Gunner and apparently this is the largest plant of the species growing in the past and present in all the British Isles.

-It's all because we've got a very warm, still-Griffith — just a couple of miles away, in the Dorchester can be frost-10, and we have at the same time will not, and -3 degrees Celsius.

Meanwhile, spokesman for the Royal Horticultural Society Gunner from Dorset described as something monstrous, adding that the average size of the leaves of this species in the UK does not exceed 2.2 meters above.

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