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"UFO", St. Petersburg, n16 (334), 12.04.2004, p.7.

Author: Valentin psalomshchikov

_ * Our reader from Yekaterinburg N.G.Vechtomova sent to the editorial office of the newspaper clippings July issues of "Ural worker" for the year 1990, where it was published investigative journalism S.Bogomolova known history of the death of a group of ten students. We decided to come back to this mysterious stories. * _

In January 1959 a group of tourists Ural Polytechnic Institute, under the direction of Igor Dyatlov went on a ski trip to the Northern Urals. In the group there were nine people. The area where the tourists were heading, was a huge deserted taiga area.

According to witnesses, the group was well prepared for the campaign, and most Dyatlova described as an experienced leader. According to plan a campaign group left a part of things in the storage shed to light up the mountain Otorten (the northernmost part of the Sverdlovsk region), then came back and then went to the south.

For several reasons, the ascent began late, at 15:00. The day was very cold, the wind was blowing. To the target was only ten miles away, and not to lose altitude, Dyatlov ordered to take up spending the night at the height of "1079." Set up a tent, had dinner and went to bed. Later examination determines that night something happened that made everyone in a panic to leave the tent. According to experts, the death of the members of the group took place after 6-8 hours after a meal, that is, just after midnight. Well, then move on to the text of the Resolution of the criminal case, published as a result of the investigation Bogomolov:

"The team leader I.Dyatlov 12/12/59, the telegraph was UPI Sports clubs and Physical Education Committee of the arrival in the village Vijay.

Since the deadline has passed, but the information is not received from the group, 2/20/59, the leadership of the Institute on the Dyatlova were sent out search parties. Later joined them soldiers and officers of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, planes and helicopters civil and military aviation.

February 26 near the height of the "1079" was discovered tent group. Inside were two blankets, backpacks, jackets and trousers storm.

In one of the cameras capture the footage made the last, which shows the moment of setting the tent. Given that this shot was taken with a shutter speed of 1/25. at an aperture of 5.6 and the sensitivity of the film unit 65. Standard, as well as taking into account the density of the frame, it can be assumed that the installation tents started about five o'clock in the evening 02/01/59. A similar picture was taken, and another camera. No records and no photograph taken after this time will not be detected.

Found that the tourists have left the tent suddenly and simultaneously. The leeward side of the tent was cut from the inside in two places at sites that provide free access rights.

Below tents for 500 yards in the snow traces of people walking in the forest. Some of them left their feet in socks, others — in boots. The tracks should be located close to one another, converge and diverge again.

Signs of struggle or the presence of other people is not found.

26.02.59 1500 meters away from the tent, near the border of the forest, found the remains of a fire, and near it — stripped to their underwear and bodies Doroshenko Krivonischenko. At 300 meters from a fire in the direction of the tent found dead Dyatlov, yet just 180 meters away — Slobodina corpse, and 150 meters away from him — Kolmogorova corpse. Pose them testified that they crawled to the tent. In the pockets of the dead were found money and personal belongings. Clock showed 8:00 Slobodina 45 minutes Dyatlov — 5 hours 31 minutes.

Forensic medical examination found that woodpeckers, Doroshenko, Krivonischenko and Kolmogorov frozen. Slobodin had a crack skull length of 6 cm, but died of cooling.

May 4 at 75 meters from a fire in the direction of the valley under a layer of snow thickness of 4-4.5 meters found dead Dubinin, Zolotarev, Thibault-Brignoles and Kolevatova. The corpses, as well as a few meters away from them and found clothes Krivonischenko Doroshenko — pants, sweaters. All clothing has traces of smooth sections, ie was removed from the corpses and Krivonischenko Doroshenko.

Dubinin jacket and her hat were on Zolotarev, near corpses found Krivonischenko knife that cuts to fire young fir. On the hand-Thibault Brignoles found two watches: one showed 8.14, 8.39 second.

It is established that the death was caused by Kolevatova effect of low temperature. Death Dubinin, Thibault-Brignoles and Zolotarev was a result of multiple injuries. In Dubinin has multiple symmetric fracture and massive hemorrhage in the heart.

Thibault-Brinol has extensive hemorrhage in the right temporal muscle and a depressed fracture of the skull bones. Zolotarev has broken ribs on the right.

Investigation had not established the presence of February 1 and 2 in the top of "1079" other people, except for the group Dyatlov. It must be assumed that the cause of death was a force of nature, to overcome that tourists were not able to. "

So, we have a set of strange and contradictory facts. It was found that during the night someone came out of the tent by a natural necessity. Who? In the 30-degree cold and the wind coming out certainly will dress. But only be detected under a jacket and cap Dubinina, but not on it. Most likely — it just came out. What she saw, and remains a mystery, but most of all, the night was awakened by a group of women's heart-rending cry. Eight people were asleep at the same time tried to leave the tent. Krivonischenko cut the canvas tent. Scantily clad tourists jumped out.

Evidently, Panic was false. Scantily clad and nearly bare, folks began to go down to the edge of the forest. They walked about a mile, at least 15-25 minutes.

When he reached the forest, began to kindle a fire, with only a single instrument — Krivonischenko knife, which he cut the tent and continued to hold in the hand. When the twigs for a fire had been cut, someone struck a match, and … explosion! It is possible that a match is found in the pocket of the jacket Dubinin. It was a blast, this is indicated by the characteristic internal injuries of those who died immediately, and scorched the trees near this place. Probably Dubinin was facing to the epicenter of the explosion, and Zolotarev — sideways. The explosion hurt, but woodpeckers and Kolmogorov were just shell-shocked. Contusion with severe head injury and was Slobodina, but these three still tried to even crawl back to the tent.

Survivors of the explosion still managed to make a fire. At least two bodies were discovered under a cedar, which they climbed to cut branches for the flooring, which were about to put the wounded comrades. The flooring was made, but the body remained close — to drag their was no one left.

So there is a second mystery — the mystery of the explosion that led to the deaths of at least three tourists. The investigator comes to the version-air explosion, and there can agree with him. But with their alleged cause of the explosion — is unlikely. Finding no other plausible explanation, he began to lean toward the later version of the UFO.

However, the journalists S.Bogomolovym eyewitness accounts of UFO sightings in these areas, in my opinion, to the death of tourists have no relationship. Readers will have to trust me as an expert on anomalous phenomena and the witness of many rocket launches: almost all of the cases they are zapuskovym effects.

The investigator Ivanov believes that UFOs caused panic among tourists and then overtook them at the edge of the forest. But I remind you that it was up to a mile, tourists descended a long time, and judging by the tracks, nobody pursued. At the bottom they stopped and began to cut branches for a fire.

The explosion was not too powerful and reminded the volume of flammable gas cloud explosion, which for some reason has accumulated in the valley. However, there is no evidence that took place somewhere near the pipeline route. So that the nature of the explosion remains unsolved, as the reason that caused the half-naked guys to go a mile to the forest.

Ridiculous version of an atomic explosion nearby. Examination also failed to show any traces of a bear, nor, especially, Bigfoot.

We have to admit that the reason for the strange occurrences at the height of "1079" have so far remained unsolved.
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