In the winery again blossomed chestnuts

In the winery in the park near the water tower Kozitskogo blossomed chestnuts.

On one of the trees with a forked trunk on one side — yellow leaves and ripe chestnuts, and the second — blossomed candle with white flowers.
Also, along the road towards a residential area on the street. Kiev also observed flowering chestnuts.

Botanists explain flowering chestnut trees in autumn with extremely warm weather in early September. However, such a bloom can be dangerous for chestnuts, because before the onset of cold weather tree becomes weaker, and the next year may or may not bloom at all, or perish. Chestnuts usually bloom in early May.

Recall due to heat waves, established in the summer of 2010 in the Ukraine, in the center of the capital — Kiev — in early August for the second time this season blooming chestnuts.

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