In three villages in Buryatia quarantine for potato cyst nematode


7.10.11.Vrediteli were found in Kizhinga, Ust-Orochi and Sunhare.

The idea of imposing quarantine directed to the government of the Republic, said the state inspector of quarantine phytosanitary control Rosselkhoznadzor Buryatia Sergei Sakin:
— Introduce some restraint: export only after examination by our department. This quarantine pest, it's great working with distributed inventory, with soil particles. And such events: clean tools, agricultural implements, machinery after tillage. Seeds do not realize with the contaminated sites — only for food purposes. Since the form is very flexible, is stored in the soil for more than 15 years, it does not matter — drought or frost, it very easily. Reduced yields up to 80%. Because of this, he declared a quarantine pest.
Source: STRC "Buryatia"

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