Incompatible with life

Traumatic gun, used in the world for self-defense in Russia turned into a murder weapon.

Do I need the RF law allowing citizens to carry firearms harsh? The answer is paradoxical: Available at the hands of the Russians traumatic gun and so is almost a battle. And if we talk about the brand new law is of such that the maximum turnover toughen "travmatiki." The fact remains that a traumatic gun in the world are used for self-defense in Russia turned into a murder weapon.

Now the people of the Russian Federation on hand 5,000,000 800 thousand units of guns — official and civilian, including traumatic. The share of the last of 3.5 million barrels — 60 percent. In Moscow, the proportion is about the same. In the capital of half a million barrels more than 200 thousand — "travmatika." In other words, every inhabitant of the fortieth Pervoprestolnoj has in the pocket traumatic gun. And that's just according to official figures. According to unofficial, it has a one in ten urban dwellers, including the elderly and children. According to the head of the organization licenses and permits of and control over the private detective and security activity Internal Affairs Nicholas Boeva capital, the implementation of a smooth-bore, rifled guns and self-defense were up in 2009 in Moscow, almost 7 percent. If you do not scare these numbers, it only proves that you have a very strong nerves. As each month in Moscow officially regitsya from 30 to 50 cases of traumatic introduction of guns. And how many more misses the police reports! As they say specialists, only 3 percent of cases of self-defense weapon is used for its intended purpose, in other words, to ensure the safety of the owner. In all other cases it is used for illegal purposes. This shocking statistic …

Trauma at the cost of life

What is a traumatic gun? According to the principle act "travmatika" fully combat similar, with the only difference that has yet lowest power shots (in combat muzzle energy of 600-700 J is seeking, among traumatic — 85 J). And as ammunition used not lead, and rubber bullets. This is considered to be non-lethal weapon designed to protect its bearer from criminal attacks. In other words, stop the anger striker, leaving him alive and seriously injuring. In practice, often is different. "Wounds from a traumatic gun can be very unsafe — says trauma surgeon one of the city's hospitals, Boris Yegorov. — During my daily duty to our clinic from time to time get 3-4 people with gunshot wounds inflicted by a traumatic gun."

Suffer from a traumatic gun in the main summer. In winter, thick odezhka still serves as some protection. But we need to know our people. Using the tool, it aims only to the head, chest or groin to the heart. In other words, as to the proper place to shoot from a traumatic gun is strictly prohibited annotation on its application. But who stops! Besides shooting, usually in the face. Doctors in informal conversations say that in the near future so-called commercial frequent calls from elite suburbs. Residents of mansions and villas tend to avoid bad publicity and litigation with the police. This means that the doctor is helping them in person, without filling forms, in the case of mandatory similar proclamations. Shooting at each other husband and wife, mother-in-law. And at one point, the team was at the doctor held in Rublevki duel.

By severity of traumatic injury, of course, less languid than the gunshot, and they can lead to fatal finals. For example, mnogokalibernaya bullet diameter of 15.3 mm and a weight of about 12 grams, fired from a pistol, "Wasp" has a rubber-coated iron core. It may just break the ribs, and complaints of pain can lead to cardiac arrest. Such cases in the practice of doctors are not unique.

"In particular, insecure hit in the eye and periorbital area — continues to Boris Yegorov. — In these cases, the injuries usually lead to loss of vision. Very unsafe injured in the bridge of the nose and the temporal area. Blow bullets can lead to the splitting of thin bones and swallowed cranium. Spillage bullets into large blood vessels, such as the femoral artery, and probable loss of the final. lot of shooting in the foot, so to scare anyone or to punish, and later it turns out that the victim dies from the general blood loss. often suffer thin wrists bone. People subconsciously closing hands on the shot, wounded hands, where a lot of small bones that it is difficult to recover, and injuries often lead to dysfunction of hand. "

Arms race

Start of mass armed population began in the 90s, when the country flooded the tremendous flow of gas gun. By the mid-90th Moscow "ate" gas weapon fill. It was then that began the debate on the need for a new law "On Weapons". They say that this law lobbied several deputies of the State Duma. Behind the scenes, there was talk that the enthusiasm of the people's representatives was justified their friendship a bit crowded with manufacturers of guns. By this time, most of the weapons factories warehouses were full of illiquid assets — fighting Makarov and remnants of war CT and revolvers. Anybody got an idea to reincarnate this scrap into real money by light manufacturing operations. It seems that it was, but by the end of 1996, a new law "On Weapons", which in Article 3 "plain clothes weapon" appeared quite mysterious term "firearm tubeless Russian-made gun with cartridges traumatic acts." What was meant was clear only in 1999, when the market "travmatiki" first child in the form of tubeless gun PB-4 "Wasp." Creating and selling similar toys were promised a lot of profit, because the cost of "travmatikov", according to estimates of professionals, 10 times behind their market price.

— The real boom in the traumatic weapon began in 2004 — says Dmitry Knyazev, senior trader department "travmatiki" shop "Mail." — That's when the market has all the beloved "Makarych." At the time of pistoletoobraznogo weapons of self-defense was the only barrel that is almost entirely copied fighting Makarov. Naturally, such toys against our citizens could not pass and swept it off the shelves. In fact you have on legitimate grounds, in a holster turned out nearly a clone battle of the barrel.

Grinder for 150 bucks

If you have a license you can go and buy the barrel in the store at all legitimate grounds. But there is a severe problem — the desire of our people are "tuned" in spite of the law. Now the market traumatic guns is a whole network of underground Left-handers who simply increasing capacity "traumatic," and according to the customer can simply reincarnate traumatic gun in combat. The correspondent of "Results" on the criteria of anonymity met with one of the most recognizable folk artists who work in Podolsk. From his own 52 years old Sasha spent twelve in the slammer, they were judged three times, and all the articles — for illegal storage of weapons and ammunition. As he says himself, was sitting behind "Kopnin" — as in the jargon of the shadow market are called trunks, obtained dark rangers in the fields of labor. Returning once again to the area home, Uncle Sasha realized that even more effective and safer to use your own talent gunsmith, modifying "travmatik."

Hidden from the prying eyes of the highest greenish fence shop located in the back of a benign brick house on the outskirts of Podolsk. Uncle Sasha opens the door and flip the switch on the wall. On th
e bench bulky frame gleam two small machine — turning and milling. "Look, — the master of the table gets a traumatic gun" Makarych. "- We have pukalkami for 50 joules. Client wants to shoot more powerful ammunition." Some subtle movements simultaneously gunsmith disassembled gun into its component parts. Over time, as if Uncle Alex has forgotten about my presence, continuing, however, to comment on their actions out loud:

— Factory reinforcing sleeve to discard x .., this shit will break in all directions, it is there of crude steel produced. At the moment, turned, another good, stainless steel, put her on the trunk with a good tension. Revertible spring is also the emissions from the crew will deliver the "Makara," and on another bolt will break …

To no povadno, we omit the rest of the engineering chips. In short, two hours later, the gun was ready.

— Come check it! — Armorer was obviously satisfied with their work. We moved to the stunted woods near his home. — This is where I have a shooting range — jokes wizard — currently the target will hang.

At a distance of 5 meters Uncle Alex strengthens the bring-a multilayer sheet of plywood centimeter wide and distorts the shutter. From the first shot I laid ears. The roar — just like a service pistol. After 3 shots on the face of the plywood formed three rovnenky as if the drilled hole. And on the back of the hand sticking out in various pieces. Scary to imagine what would happen if such a gun from zhahnut in the head …

— And how much is that of "tuning"? — Interested.

— 150 bucks. 25 of them — for the mainspring.

I looked around again perforatum plywood, and I was somehow not for myself — now the owner of the evening on a very legitimate reasons to put this kind of safe gun in the pocket. And, as they say about the gun hanging on the wall in the end he will shoot. It is interesting to someone …

Destroyed without a trace

According to the Ministry of Internal Affairs investigators, now on the black arms market in Moscow converted from a traumatic gun firing live ammunition is 500 to 700 bucks. Traumatic pistol without papers are sold at a cost of 200 to 500 bucks.

There is also another fundamental bar. Almost every day a traumatic gun stolen during burglaries from homes and cars. After that, "Volyn" get on the dark market, which bought up clandestine gunsmiths — such as Uncle Sasha. They grind down the identification number of the barrel, and then for a couple of hours turning it into battle. According to detectives, specializing in the fight against illegal trafficking of weapons and ammunition, now up to 90 percent of the dark market firearms in Moscow formed specifically due to alterations of traumatic and gas guns, Pugach and mass-dimensional layouts. Vpribavok from a traumatic gun there is a very nice feature for criminals — it actually is not identified. As they say the experts — gunsmiths, a bullet from the combat firearms contains information in the form of traces left behind by rifling in the barrel certain guns. These same tracks as fingerprints, purely personal. In other words, observed the suspect forensic tool after shooting may be indisputable proof that the sin committed specifically with this tool. In the case of analog rezinostrelnym bullet usually collapses.

The "Fire!"

For those who are looking for capital crime chronicles, reports on the use of traumatic guns — a routine. With the help of "Os", "MAKARYCH" and "Favorites" traffic disputes are resolved, the drivers firing on pedestrians, and those — on drivers. With this tool robbing shops and exchangers recognize the case for communal kitchens, scare sluggish sales and impolite waiters. The sensation was nedavneshny shooting in Moscow Interior Ministry employee snowplow driver. "Overestimated the demand for self-defense weapon is associated with the natural desire of people to protect themselves," — says Nikolay fights. According to the views of the psychiatrist clinic them. Botkin, a psychologist Alexander Morozov, 90 percent of people acquire a traumatic gun with fear for his life, the other 10 percent — … to show off in front of others. The first category is under the impression of news, stories of friends and black eye neighbor, who the other day in the evening at the entrance of hooligans "were asked to smoke." Coupled with a gun, these people are trying to buy for yourself confidence. Some, however, for these errors have to pay their own health. And someone to answer before the law, as it was with the actor Vladislav Galkin, gunmen from the "travmatiki" on bottles at the bar.

What's all the same for the second category, that these people acquire cannon to brag to your friends and a weak floor. The practice of introducing instruments and the legal consequences of their care is not a lot. "Notice, — says Alexander Morozov — inflated demand we are traumatic pistols, absolutely similar to the fighting."

Do not panic

According to the law "On Weapons" right to purchase "travmatiki" Now the citizens of the Russian Federation over 18 years with no criminal record and past medical examination. They need to get over earlier in the police at the place of residence of a special document — a license to purchase, possession and carrying of. After that, go to the gun store and buy that much. During the 2-week purchase should be put on record in the division of the Interior Ministry, which issued the license. These same 14 days to one hundred percent of the field of vision of law enforcement officers.

It just seems that all of the most plain and simple. But the present situation is such that the tool can now buy at least some. As an experiment, try to type in the web of the phrase "gun license". It also pops up at least a dozen proposals for cost of 7 thousand rubles. Gooders will offer to you a license to bring the right home, apparently after receipt of payment and your photos. As practice shows, the majority of similar ads — a clear layout. In other words, you will be charged the means, then the benefactor will melt into the mist. But in some cases — this is a real service.

Militia of the situation on the market, "travmatiki" naturally concerned. For example, the Ministry of Internal Affairs intense lobbying of mandatory training for future program from a traumatic gun owners. According to the "Results", it can be a 120-hour course consisting of legal, fire, medical and mental preparation. Train future gun owners will, in all likelihood, authorized by Ministry of Internal Affairs of school. The course may cost them in the order of 10 thousand rubles. Vpribavok in 2008, the Interior Ministry has proposed to introduce the whole of mandatory control shooting a bullet "travmatiki" that will allow significantly limit the introduction of traumatic gun crime.

With all of this has gradually goes lobbying law authorizing the purchase, possession and carrying of firearms snub. These "initiatives" cause panic among professionals. If the government fails to bring a simple order of the market "travmatiki" what we talk about the harsh weapons? "Free circulation of firearms is considered unsafe and poorly controlled topic — says the Deputy Chairman of the State Duma Committee for Security Gennady Gudkov. — First, we will not provide our citizens equal rights. Statistics c
onfirm that live guns in Russia want to have a maximum of 12 million people, it is one Fourteen of the population. Others — against. Because to think that the permit to carry a gun battle will decide issues of personal safety of people — it's an illusion. Our homeland — a country corrupt. Which means that in the first round of bans will arm bandits, people with unstable mentality, drug addicts, drunkards. "

…No matter what kind of stick has two ends — essentially, in whose hands it is. For example, a kitchen knife sold for cutting sausage. But the atrocities committed with him a lot more than with traumatic gun.

It was the case

To defeat

"Top Ten" most shocking incidents involving traumatic guns in the capital

February 21, 2004. The apartment on Leninsky Prospekt grandmother event fired from a pistol, "the Wasp" in the head 2 year old grandson. The bullet hit through the skull, brain damaged and orbit right eyeball. A child brought to the intensive care unit.

October 8, 2007. At the junction of the Great Spasoglinitshevsky Soljanki lane and the driver of the Mitsubishi wounded gun 3-walkers who, in his opinion, very slowly crossing the road.

December 5, 2008. On this day, twice a traumatic gun used in traffic disputes. First accident happened on the street Presnensky Val — there is not to share the road "nine" and taxi. The driver "VAZ" pulled out a gun and opened fire on a crowded shuttle. It was finally broken some glasses. No one is hurt. The driver "Lada" fled the scene. In the evening of the same day or shooting at the intersection of Prospect Andropov and Kolomna travel. In the process of parsing the insignificance of an accident the driver "Gazelle" foreign car driver seriously wounded by shooting with a pistol in his eyes.

December 10, 2008. The bus route 807 th two young people have disturbed the old lady, with her son ehavshuyu, roughly demanded to remove the bag from the seat. A quarrel ensued. In the end, son, stood up for the mom opened fire, hitting one of the instigators of the conflict in the eyes. The victim with penetrating wounds were assisted in the clinic.

December 11, 2008. On the street Vilis Latsis in the "Lada" found wounded in the chest visitor from Dagestan. As it turned out, he picked up a certain man, and the one at the end of the path, though not to pay, shot twice in the driver. Hold your hand is not possible.

December 19, 2008. At the Petrovsky Boulevard borsetochniki driver robbed foreign cars. He opened fire on the car in which the kidnappers tried to escape. Bullets struck the rear window, and the car still ran with 3 machines. No one is hurt.

September 17, 2009. The police asked the driver of one of the companies that said unknown, threatening with a pistol, stole official "Mercedes". The staff at the house 10 CID on Nagorno's blocked foreign car stolen. While trying to arrest by police officers opened fire. The attackers were detained. In the 1 st of them — 25-year-old visitor from Ingushetia — traumatic seized a TT pistol, which he possessed without a permit.

September 26, 2009. Became the victim of a traumatic guns visitor from Togliatti. Melitopol on the street to his "Gazelle" came three people. Some of them shot in the leg Togliatti, then offenders took his 220 thousand rubles and fled.

September 27, 2009. The restaurant "Sayan" on the Ural unknown street, quarreled with the 38-year-old Muscovite, shot him with a pistol. At the scene, investigators found the 5 cartridges from a traumatic gun 9 mm caliber and the lifeless body of the victim.

December 13, 2009. The car inspector made a remark citizen who was walking along the roadway Rokotoff. In response to the man shot him in the leg from a traumatic gun and tried to escape but was arrested.

Terms of shooting

The introduction of a traumatic gun is governed by articles of the Federal Law "On Weapons". For example, a license is allowed to receive less than 5 units of guns. For more registration required special licenses for collecting.

Citizens can use the tool in the desired state of defense or the last necessary. The use of weapons must be preceded correctly expressed warning about a person against whom an instrument is used, except when the delay makes a particular danger to human life or can cause other serious consequences. The warning can be oral or it may be shot skyward. Shooting must be conducted from a distance of close 1 meter. It is forbidden to shoot in the head. The use of guns should not cause harm to third parties.

When wearing a tool to be delivered to the fuse holder and removed from the chamber. The number of rounds in the clip is limited to 10.

It is forbidden to use a weapon against women, the disabled, minors when their age is obvious or known, except by persons designated by the commission of an armed or group attack.

For each application implements entailed harm to human health, the owner of guns should not say days later the body of internal affairs at the place of introduction of the gun. Further follow-up examination, the proceedings and the tribunal that will determine the validity of using. Tuning tool in this case, can play a cruel joke with the owner. If the modifications changed the ballistics, then the defender could be reincarnated as the accused.

It is forbidden to carry themselves in the role of a tool in meetings, rallies, demonstrations, marches, picketing or other mass actions.

Licenses for purchase, as permits to keep and carry guns void in cases of death of the owner implements periodic (more than 2-times during the year) violation of the law, constructive alteration of guns and ammunition.

Decision on cancellation of licenses or permits must be preceded by a warning prior written permission of the holder of the license or the authority which issued the license or permit. The warning indicates which legal norms and rules are broken or have not been fulfilled, and appointed a term for elimination of violations.

In case of cancellation of licenses or permits re-appeal for their reception can be for businesses at the end of 3 years from the day or they are canceled, and for the people — after 5 years.


Not toys

Questions answered by the head of the organization of licenses and permits of the Metropolitan police in the area, police Lieutenant Colonel Sergei Filatov.

— Enough. Total Logged in Moscow about 100 thousand hosts traumatic and gas guns. It often happens that the gun store anywhere: in the closet, under a sofa, in a parked car. This is the case when the carelessness of a crime. A more or ignorantly, or by virtue of advantages arising feeling that, for sure, give them a tool, our people are beginning to use it to the right-to-left. Over the past six months, only on the ground near the atrocities committed by more than 30 with the use of traumatic guns. In all the cases were prosecuted guilty, as have exceeded the required level of defense.

— As a regulated turnover traumatic guns?

— We monitor over all citizens with a tool, trying to faithfully comply with the requirements of regulatory frameworks. The order of design, production and use of traumatic guns in the law "On Weapons" from 1996, al
so nearby departmental instructions issued in the late 90's. The procedure for obtaining a license to "travmatik" anticipates submission medical findings and test the knowledge of the legislative framework.

— It's no secret that the same medspravki buy for the money. Do you check these things?

— In the Health Ministry for a license to design an instrument provides a special form № 046-1, which requires passing four doctors — psychiatrist, psychiatrist, ophthalmologist and a therapist. If the presented certificate is suspect, then push off an inquiry to the establishment of honey, and in the case of fraud measures are taken. The villain can be held liable, and, of course, the license is issued.

— What is lacking in the legislation to reduce the number of offenses with the introduction of "travmatiki"?

— At the moment, the Ministry of Interior as the introduction of innovation is considered a practical examination. The fact is that when a person for the first time takes up a gun and do not really know how to enjoy them, he accordingly did not know about the likely consequences. And if in the process of preparing for the exam it is a work-out in the shooting, acquire the necessary skills, it will be what power it has, and that may follow its use. In addition, the owner of a traumatic guns feel the brink of exceeding the desired degree of self-defense. No one has repealed section 37 of the Criminal Code, in which it is said that the opposition should be right threat attacks.

— Taken into account when designing the exam to the western experience?

— Naturally. Known South American practice: if an applicant for a license or renewal is not shot out during the year a certain number of shots and did not provide this information to the police, permission will not be given or instrument is not extended, and the gun itself will withdraw. I am not a supporter of draconian measures, and our Criminal Code in this respect quite employers can not ask some tightening, but the people themselves must be aware that they are not in the hands of the toy.

Dmitry Serkov

Security measures

At gunpoint

What to do if you are going to use against traumatic gun? Shared her tips Sergei Filatov, Master of Sports in Sambo, self-defense instructor of the club "Skiff"

We can not exclude the fact that self-defense weapon that has received wide distribution among the population, will be applied to attack you. If the words to convince the armed gun villain does not come out, try very close to him, making the capture of a clinch, the ability to locking it with a hand gun. If you do not have the skills of wrestling techniques, try, on the contrary, very rapidly break distance. At a distance of 5-6 meters unprepared arrow hit the target hard, also, as they say in our community, "eraser" (a bullet from a gun rezinostrelnogo) in the fifth point from 6 feet — it's better than he is with the feet to the head. If, for you still have opened fire, remember that the bag, case or folder — not a bad defense against traumatic ammunition.

The conclusion first and main: if the enemy gun in his hand, means you've already lost half the battle. Every conflict situation very closely to keep under control, so that it does not work out, and block extraction tool. Conclusion second, if all the same it came out, then chances are your major is, that the enemy was unable to convert. And this requires sharp tear distance and leave the band attack.

Gregory Sanin


How should shoot?

Counters gun shops now bursting with an abundance of "travmatiki" (pictured). On the market there are about 30 models. The major share is 9 mm caliber pistol, but soon appeared languid and equipment — Turkish shotgun "Terminator" and the Russian double barrel "Howdy" 12 gauge. Price "travmatiki" ranges from 10 to 20 thousand rubles.

According to professionals, buyers, usually motivate two things: the similarity to the trunk and fighting capacity. From the perspective of the similarity of irreplaceable gun "Makarych", reminiscent of the PM. As for power — the favorites 'Wasp'. Its muzzle energy — up to 85 G.

Abroad in the production of weapons of self-defense applies Silumin — an alloy of aluminum and silicon, making the product brittle and therefore short-lived. We never economized on steel, and most buyers prefer Russian developments, produced by 3 factories — in Izhevsk, Vyatskie Glades and Sergiev Posad.

Keep the gun to a special vault with a width of not less than walls 2 mm. Pull itself safe at 2-3 thousand rubles.

The holster is dependent on the material can cost from 500 rubles to 15 thousand rubles.

Ammo pack of 20 pieces — from 600 rubles. If you exercise intensely, the month will come in handy for you to at least 2-packs.

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