Increased risk of a Colombian volcano code Shotaro

A few days ago, the activity at the volcano increased Shotaro, forcing service monitoring volcanoes raise danger code on that site with the "yellow" on the orange. Starting from June 24, 2012 in the area of the volcano was recorded 6891 earthquake, about 150 aftershocks during the day.
Almost all of them had a great 5177 magnitude, but the remaining 1714 had substantial energy (0,1-2,2 points) and were concentrated in a radius of 0.1-5 km north-east of the summit Shotaro at a depth of 2-6 km.
Of course, for local residents such shocks cause no harm can not, but experts say that the magma continues to climb to the edge of the crater and may well trigger an eruption, though not in the near future. The volcano seen several active fumaroles and streams. To accurately simulate the possible scenario of the eruption, seismologists have useful information about the earlier episodes, but, unfortunately, they are not known.
Shotaro, or Cerro Azafatudo is little known stratovolcano located 25 kilometers south-south-east of the city Popayyan in southern Colombia. It has three of the caldera with a diameter of 4.5 to 1 km. Chronicle of a volcano eruption never conducted.

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