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The eyes of my friend Svetlana from horror widened when her baby suddenly polutoragodovaly articulately said, "You're such a blouse does not go." It is at this point dressing in front of mirror closet, dressing up for the arrival of guests. Light from the birth of her son Artem noticed that he was different from the other kids of the same age. Like an adult immediately born. But she is not paying much attention until now Artem gave her this "delny 'advice. For a moment: the child still did not say that! She and I grabbed his head …

AND STEEL ring up some child psychiatrists and other specialists, until one of them dropped out, as if by chance, "Now a lot of talk about the phenomenon of the Indigo. Indigo children — so called children with unusual abilities, which in many ways stand out from the crowd peers and people in general. " We Sveta climbed into the Internet.

Not to say that about Indigo children have a lot of information, but there was something. Basically information, based on research by American scientists, and in particular, Dr. Nancy Ann Tappe, who has released several books on the subject.

They are — different

Scientists have managed to split the Indigo children, which was carried, and those who do not possess superhuman abilities, but is unusual in itself, for psychological types.

There are four types of Indigo children:


They are hyperactive, sociable. We intend to work with people: this is the future doctors, lawyers, teachers, sailors, businessmen and politicians. They are very persistent persuasion. Can be physically awkward, and because they are hyperactive, sometimes it can "hit the wall" forgetting "set the brakes." Their games are a child like this: they dumped boxes of everything that exists, and then can play, and can and do come to nothing touch. If you say this child to clean his room, then you have to repeatedly remind him of it, because it is usually scattered.


This type of facing inward, as it were. These are the future engineers, architects, designers, astronauts, pilots and the military. They are not clumsy, and usually have a good build. They want to manage, and often become the object of control of their own mother if it's a boy. And if the girl is under the control of their fathers usually are. If they lose their parents, this creates a huge problem in their life. This type of Indigo has a penchant for addictions, especially to drugs as a teenager.


These children are much more sensitive than other categories of Indigo. No matter what area of human activity they approached, they always remain creative. At the age of 4-10 years, they can try themselves in a half dozen kinds of creative activities, not long After working out one thing and then thrown it. But, having reached adolescence, they choose one of them and become masters in their chosen area.

LIVING in all dimensions.

This is the fourth type of Indigo children. They are larger than other Indigos. When it is a year or two, you can not tell them anything. They meet you, "I know. I can do it myself. Leave me alone. " These are the people who are new to the world of philosophy and the new religion. They can be bullies and bullies, because much larger and are not able to adapt as the other three types of Indigo.

For example, John from New York — "artist Indigo." For five years has created a musical ensemble. When he was nine, they recorded their first CD, and won the contest. All songs written, arranged and performed as a soloist himself — John. In 17 years, he has become recognized as a professional musician.

And Sergei Krasnov from St. Petersburg — "humanist." He was three years old can read books without opening them, but to put his hand on the cover. But at the same time is able to rapidly switch to the open window, for example, and run the count clouds in the sky …

Once the two-year-Nancy woke up this morning with the words: "I'm pregnant! I already have one daughter, and I got to go to another city for her. " It turned out that the girl has made contact with some of their past lives in the face of some of the young actress and broadcast it. Then it went. But sometimes repeats itself, and it gives a shocking her family things.

As such, after contact with the child? Experts suggest that in such cases it is necessary to talk with the child, as an adult, to tell him what was happening, and most importantly — why. Given the level of development of the Indigo children, they need to understand everything.

"Magic Wand"

Another striking example of super-powers. 17-year-old Natasha Demkina lives in Saransk (Mordovia). It is capable of without any special equipment to see the internal organs of people, that is see through. Her gift was manifested in the ten years after surgery to remove the appendix. The operation was unsuccessful — the doctors have forgotten in the abdomen cotton swab. And after re-invasion of the girl's body, she suddenly saw that her mother is in the stomach, as if the TV. At first we all thought that the girl was delirious, she was taken to a psychiatrist. But the doctor she saw a stomach ulcer, which shall immediately be reported to him. The doctor was taken aback …

Natasha drove abroad, where its ability to come true. Since then, the hometown of it — a walking phenomenon, which make an appointment sick people to "enlighten". The session lasts a few minutes. At this point, if Natasha is a light trance. Her eyes widen, she looks at the human body, as if through him, and then provides information about what they saw.

… Western scientists began to study these unusual children and pay attention to them, giving the phenomenon known as "Indigo Children" because they recently began to appear more and more. One of its striking features, until you know that before you indigo child — his isolation. Because these children are hardly communicate with their peers. Or very limited. They are cooked "au jus."

American Mary ceased to take away from my 8 year old son's book on Kabbalah, which he swallowed in one gulp, like drinking a glass of mineral water. She used to be so scared for his age and interest of the boy hid from him the book. And he can with a pencil, which calls the "magic wand" to find lost objects in the house.

In general, these little people — "the people of the future." If you believe the scientists, the kids Indigo overdeveloped consciousness and increased sensitivity to everything going on. None of them does not allow even a hint of hypocrisy and insincerity. The paradox is that because of this some of them grow up to commit murder. The reasons could serve as an insult, "fight for justice" and something else like that. To call these antidobrye and antilyubovnye actions "mission" to be difficult. But some researchers are murderers "indigovtsev" partly justified by doing a discount on their exclusivity.

The color of energy

"I now that, take your baby abnormal?" — Light squeal before time. And in the end I realized that not at all. On the contrary, its Artem — special and unique. Just did it the old fashioned way doctors can deliver extraordinary children who are not developing as most children diagnosed with something like "mentally and (or) mentally defective." And in fact, they are to develop, on the contrary, far ahead.

Indigo Children — a special world. Why is indigo? The color palette is one of the most unusual colors. So one day someone from the experts studying the so-called "strange" children, it occurred to "paint" them in indigo, to somehow identify the phenomenon. For its study, among other things, have started not so long ago — in the early 70s, but already the last century. Began to collect data on children who are not only "like out of this world", they have the unique ability to separate subjects. Some of them, for example, can read minds, move objects look, read books, put his hand on the cover, they have a tendency to healing, and so on.

Bruce Khlebnikov — one of the strongest kids in the world. He is now 14 years old. And in the six he began to break the calendar blocks of 365 pages and is in the thick of Karl Marx 1000 pages (!) That even recorded in the Guinness Book of Records. When he was ten years old, he became the owner of a red belt in martial arts. At the same age he drove two cars BMW weighing five tons, tying them to their very long hair. That's not all. He squeezes out 300 times 8-pound dumbbell and a fist smashes a stack of 15 of tiles … This unusual child "smaterializovan 'own mother, who had long before they became pregnant, was passionately fond of Bruce Lee. And so she wanted to give birth to a boy, and it wanted it to be as strong as the famous actor. She turned out. And, perhaps even more than she wanted.

More … indigo — the color of energy, which is associated with the specialist with special children. Ostensibly this is a new energy for our planet and the Indigo children — Representatives of the following "reason" for the right of humanity, in which it will live once. It is the energy of love, goodness, omnipotence health. Bruce Power Khlebnikov really like something "omnipotent." Scientists have suggested that each of the kids has some special mission, and when they reach the (individual) of a certain age, it will open up and it becomes clear why they were born.

"New kids" do not live by the rules

Psychology "superdetey" not yet fully understood. Seen, for example, that they do not take the school program, go to the development of its own way, a special way, way. In America, in particular, has opened several special schools for children Indigo.

10-year-old John stopped going to school, locked himself in his room and hung on the door placard with the words: "They are bothering me." It turned out he was referring to teachers. After the examination, it became clear that the boy has all the signs of "indigo", became engaged to him individually. And then it all fell into place. John feature is that it draws immediate future events relating to his family. For example, his grandmother would make eye surgery. Or one day, while his parents were at a ski resort, it suddenly, in a matter of minutes, portrayed the incident with the father of a high mountain. On the same day the phone rang, it was revealed that his father during the descent fell and broke his leg.

Indigo Children are practically no inferiority complexes. They are confident in their uniqueness, and everything that is going around — the generally accepted rules and regulations, for example — they are a little worried. All this seems indigo children utter nonsense. They have their own perception of the world, like "against the current." External demeanor at "indigovtsev" may be different. Someone is too active and lively, someone on the contrary, the quiet one. And not all of them paranormal powers may occur at a very early age.

Natasha Beketova from Anapa to 16 years spoke to 120 (!) Languages, including ancient type of the ancient Persian, Arabic, Latin and so on. It happened in math in school. The teacher yelled at Natalya, she writes off control with a girlfriend, why she slammed into a swoon. And after waking up, and spoke in Old English. She was sent to experts who determined that Natasha knows now even "dead" languages have long disappeared in the non-existence of tribes. Moscow scientists from the Institute of Oriental Studies have suggested that some faint fantastic way to wake Natasha "propamyat." And the girl herself has argued that it is not just woke up languages, and all 120 of its past lives, pieces of which float in front of her eyes, but she fully recover pictures can not. She remembers himself in a primitive tribe, the romantic Japanese woman, then a French soldier who was killed in a brutal military showdown … Now Natalia '24. She worked as a salesman.

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