Information leakage on Fox News. NASA is preparing something on October 22, 2012

On TV U.S. National broadcaster Fox News were shown footage of unidentified flying objects, obtained by American amateur astronomer and was given confirmation of the authenticity of NASA surveyed.
Whether the U.S. is preparing the ground to the date of 21.12.12, or it is again their project from HAARP — Blue Beam — soon to be known

Watch NASA acknowledged the existence of UFOs

Then the story took off TV station off the air and removed from the Internet page. It is suggested that the material gets into the secondary air in late November 2012.

Also one of the guesswork consideration is that this story is part of NASA HAARP, Blue Beam, which is trying to psychologically prepare the world for the confirmation of the existence of extraterrestrials.

The information also hints at an exciting revelation, which will be connected to the unit's mission to Mars Curiosity. It is believed that there is convincing evidence that the "Red Planet" was once inhabited by advanced civilizations, and supposedly it will be solved. It has long been assumed that NASA regularly manipulates images to remove things like the destroyed buildings and artifacts in the photos, which are then presented to the public.

PS Video survived thanks to the speed of one of his colleagues, who managed to record video Fox News … Apparently, Fox News published a story prematurely, because it is assumed that an official announcement will be made at the end of November 2012. In addition, checking the news Fox News in "aerospace" has shown that the story was removed for unknown reasons. This makes us believe that there is a strict control over the media. However, the screenshots show that the facts occurred.


Even I became afraid of such surprises.
Clearly something is at the end of this year … We will soon see. Keep calm.


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