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November 2, 2011 17:03


I was recently invited to the shooting of the "Battle of psychics" in Tomsk version. Of course, as an expert and not a psychic. Because I am at heart a journalist and researcher and the last quarter of a century studying the habits of most of senses, as well as other anomalies. Familiar to me more than once asserted: "You, these psychics know-pereznaesh, and we -" kettles ". Publishes any statement, so we know who is the real one, and who is fake … "

To begin to clarify who are psychics. And healers, healers, nymphs, and nymphs, bioenergotherapist. Know if someone called a foreign word — wait trick. When four centuries ago in our taiga edge local Mansi and Khanty preach Christianity, so they explain who the father: "It's mighty white shaman. He is the most powerful Holy Spirit. If you do not obey him — kirdyk Khan you and your deer. "

Khanty and Mansi was understandable because their local shaman also communicated with spirits and was considered their preferred choice. And in his tent to wooden idols lean donated priest icon. The old shaman heal them, entertaining ritual, to find the lost deer early warning of fire fall of the Tunguska meteorite. But he could and damage didst send a personal insult. Why not start another one — a priest? The farm is useful. So, psychics and other — it's just a modern shamans, only nepolnotsennye.Ranshe to become a shaman, it was necessary, first, to belong to a respected shaman family. Second, have had special "shamanic" illness. Plus — the mandatory hard learning from existing shaman ten or fifteen years. Well, now this process has accelerated. Modern psychics invent a great-grandmother, a witch, buy two-month diploma courses Academy of Space Science and esoteric open salon divination or healing. Oh, I forgot to say that shamans, ancient and modern, life is full of dangers. They are not only evil spirits is threatened.
The last two thousand years, with a life-and-death struggle Old Testament priests, the Holy Catholic Inquisition, the Lutheran Church, physicists, medical bureaucrats, Communist commissars. In the Middle Ages in Europe, hundreds of thousands of witches, shamans burned under the pretext of their intimate connection with the devil. But it is all struggle with competitors. The fact that doctors, academics, clergy, commissioners — the heirs of the same shamans. But the heirs of specialized and ungrateful. Knowledge and magic shamans away, and themselves — to prison or into the fire. But the tribe is, though numerous, — tenacious. That is why modern shamans and changed the name to psychics and bioenergotherapist. And they disguise themselves as hypnotists, artists, original genre, scams, TV stars, priests of different faiths … But enough theory. Let's return to our smart city.
In Tomsk, about two hundred practicing psychics. Many physicians are called charlatans and swindlers. But it is they got excited. Outright fraud among practicing psychics no more than 20 percent. The share of mediocre and absolutely useless doctors with medical certificates, no less. Every tenth Tomsk psychic — a real shaman who may, depending on their areas of expertise, to show miracles in diagnosis, prediction of fate, healing. But, at least, half of them for various reasons do not practice. The remaining 70 percent can be considered more or less successful psychologists. Communicate with them sometimes too helpful. They act as a kind of psychoanalysis without a diploma.
These statistics also valid for other Russian cities of Novosibirsk and Krasnoyarsk, Rostov-on-Don and Moscow, Asin and Leninsk-Kuznetsk. And remember, all the more bells and whistles in the cabin a psychic (rooster feathers, daggers, icons, crystal balls, posters with the characters and Arabic script, skull, diplomas), the farther it from an urban shaman.
Real shaman, who might benefit you bring, usually looks, dressed in civilian clothes not striking dress, eyes flashing, the setting of his office — the ordinary. And we must keep in mind: if the two sessions psychic did not help — it does not work ever. So ten (twenty) sessions — frank wiring. Very rarely required third meeting with psychic over a long period of time — for control and correction of the result.
By the way, honest and talented psychics every other customer and refuse to take money from him. They just say that to help him not. Most often turn to psychics for three reasons. For advice in complicated life circumstances, including, in case of problems in the business. Treatment, when conventional medicine does not help. In order to punish someone (lover man) by inducing damage. And then summarized the instructions on the use of psychics in a typical questions and my answers. Are there any real psychics that can work miracles? And what he thinks about science?
Practice has shown that, despite the curse of religious fanatics, these people actually exist. Itself to this phenomenon repeatedly met and even a few times used for the treatment of their loved ones. Helped by a hundred percent. The science does not know why psychics can work wonders. They even banal hypnosis to explain and justify not. While for the psychic researchers — "a great mystery is." And before they even real shamans stolbeneyut in amazement. Can we turn to psychics? After all, the church says it is a sin, doctors say they are crooks, and theoretical physicists believe they are simply crazy. Madmen of psychics is not greater than among physicists and physicians. But treatment for them should be treated as a last resort. But the advice — even useful.
After careful communication with psychics you pretty wiser. And if you order for the damage to the opponent, the first time realize what a complete fool you (sorry for the harshness, but everyone needs to know your level of stupidity, such as weight and blood type). Religious fanatics that scare evil psychics, answer it you God sends them. The return will never be able to prove. I remember that Jesus Christ is also the Pharisees accused that he heals "by the power of Beelzebub." It's good that he then chucks with drugs is not planted, as is the case at present. How to find real psychics? Round as cheating … Trade individuals here I will not do. In Tomsk real psychics (shamans) about a dozen. In case of need, word of mouth will lead to them.
However, note that if you are prone to deception, for crooks and get. But it is not deadly. Like attracts like. Share the experience. How to pay for the services of psychics? They say that the real psychics do not take the money. If we talk about the real shamans, they do not provide services to clients. They perform the mission to harmonize the universe. In particular, and to help in your particular case. If you have a serious problem, and you get an appointment with a real psychic, which you did not drive out, give him all the money at once (jewelry), which will be able to without the threat of hunger. Then, if you had formed a harmony, it will be difficult for the general (and yours too) is really good for free. Not expecting and anticipating the fee. Shaman do not have to think about money!
And how often do people turn to psychics? Are there any statistics? No accurate statistics, but accessed frequently. And not just ordinary citizens. A quarter of the staff of the regional administration from time to time runs secretly to fortune-tellers and psychics on various issues. Officially, of course, they will not admit. Are psychics bring people harm? Unfortunately, yes. But not nasylaya damage and using his phenomenal ability to fraud. The diagnosis of damage, which put in 99 percent of cases unscrupulous psychics — a common scam. This phenomenon is known, but it is very, very rare. Approximately, as in medicine three kidneys in humans.
Explain how psychics scammers are harmful. A few years ago, was arrested in Tomsk "supreme shaman of Siberia." He collected in whole rooms suffering for free (!) Soul-saving treatments. On the stage of "shaman" in the shamanic kamlal same clothes and talked about spirituality space. At this time, the room went, young people with thick bags and kits sold amulets, herbs and even unknown portraits Kashpirovsky. Some bought time for five or ten sets. Revenue was magnificent!
After the arrest of the "supreme shaman" (in the world — Mars Modyevicha Mombuzhaya, Ph.D., Tuva) investigator called me and asked advice: how to define — it's a real shaman or not. I recommended send a shaman in Novosibirsk in the laboratory of biophysics, which was then tested for psychic healing abilities. Soon Mombuzhaya handcuffed and accompanied by a lawyer was taken to Novosibirsk Akademgorodok.
Two weeks later, the investigator reported that the shaman returned with the certificate with the official seal, stating that he is the strongest psychic. Irradiating it passes human liver cell cultures in Petri dishes began to multiply and grow six times faster than the control!
Tuva, by the way, great-uncle Sergei Shoigu (according to the lawyer), immediately went home to Kiev, where he lived for forty years of his life working in a secret institute.
And the heart of the matter here was the fact that a couple of his manager introduced Mombuzhay room of his fans in the so-called consumer trans (in other words — hypnotized) and sbagrival any nonsense at exorbitant prices. In Tomsk, I investigated the case when the cashier currency exchanger bank "Russian credit" came two shamans of Asian appearance and hypnotized her. After that she made them from the cash register in the presence of the unsuspecting guard currency and rubles total of 42 thousand dollars. It can be said to give. When woke — and they vanished. Here you have all the damage … It is because of the ability of some psychics in all countries intelligence services kept under control. With varying degrees of success.
Victor Fefelov

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