Interim results of the Ministry of Finance

Russian officials have brought the interim results of budget implementation in 2012. In terms of eight months, the national income was higher than the cost of 529 billion rubles, or 1.4% of the budget surplus, as measured by GDP. A year ago, in summing up the results of the same figures were much better than 2.3% of the surplus.

Maybe so, officials are not so optimistic and expect the year-end budget deficit 0.2%, although officially the budgeted deficit is 0.1%. Adjust the state budget for the year 2012 Russian officials had a drop in oil prices.

At this time, the price of Russian oil is below expectations by nearly $ 5 a barrel. To this can be added and deployed in Europe campaign against Gazprom. Russian authorities promptly responded to these allegations. Recall that the President issued a decree banning all Russian monopoly of strategic importance for the state itself to provide discounts to foreign partners, without the consent of the government.
Problems can arise not with the budget deficit, it is minimal, and in view of the fact that not all the required provisions are selected, may even be zero. According to the Ministry of Finance The danger is that the ministries debug core costs for the fall. Now used slightly more than 60% of the budget. Especially the big spending are on the last two weeks of December, which can seriously spur inflation.
This year's budget performance is more evenly. Ministry of Health and Ministry of Defence have chosen their main limits in the winter, have substantially improved the performance of the budget.

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