Internet agog strange sounds

Not so long ago, the World Wide Web have excited some strange sounds. From different points of the globe there were reports that there was a growing rumble heard inside our planet.

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These sounds occur if from the depths of the planet itself. In some places these sounds resemble the rattle of metal plates, while others like the roar of a jet engine, and somewhere — even on tap, proivzodimy freight train. According to one of these versions, this drone could serve as an implicit signal, heralding a change of the magnetic poles. How real can be considered a theory?

Professor Martin Stenvill who is a member of the International Academy of deep geological and tectonic problems, having learned that the planet excite mysterious sounds, made the assumption that this kind of sounds likely would occur during the change of the geomagnetic poles of the Earth. "No one knows what the actual signs are manifest in the time of such a global cataclysm planet.

To date, only the man is studying the possibility of changing the overall model of the Earth's poles, which offset occurs almost instantaneously, "- said the academician Martin Stenvill. But this theory is that the nature of any special way in advance can respond to changes in preparing a global nature, can also be considered quite likely.

However, some scientists have the belief that by using these unique sounds inhabitants of planet Earth have decided to prevent the aliens from outer space. Strange hum was takde was recorded in the territory of the Russian Federation in England, Canada, Mexico, Spain, and Ukraine and Japan, where such noise was perceived by residents as a signal of the beginning of the next earthquake.

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