Invasion of butterflies in the Sverdlovsk region. Video


23.06.11.Odni if unconscious, others are trying to get out of the water. In a pool of dozens of butterflies. Insects filled the neighborhood Aram. They flutter in the air, sitting on the grass. Yuri watched the proceedings for two weeks. These butterflies sees first.

Some butterflies have settled along the roadway. And this at all similar to the pedestrian.

Specialists Yekaterinburg Zoo butterfly invasion is associated with warm weather, which is precisely in these areas was two weeks ago.

This is the color of butterflies feed on hawthorn and mountain ash. Dwell in one place can about a month. The truth is the cluster is very rare. But guess Yuri why some insects are concentrated in the mud and puddles were almost correct. Since males make up for the lack of butterflies minerals after mating.

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