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December 19, 2011 4:55

In the 80 years of the Italian scientist Luciano Bocconi three years led photography using sensors of alpha, beta and gamma radiation, magnetometers and other instruments on the highly sensitive film. This happened at night in Arenzano in Italy for three hundred meters high hill. Side-by photographs of horses recorded essential form of life, plasma effect, luminous beings, invisible to the human eye.

They glided with incredible speed when landing or taking off, followed by the dolphins over the airliner, hung over the large industrial complexes. During large fires Bocconi there was a strong radioactive and magnetic anomalies. Infrared images show that hang above the fire amebopodobnye large objects. Objects smaller slid one meter above the ground, closer to the camera to 4-6 meters, rose and flew away. In all traces of diffraction images, that is, the wave nature of the objects. The reaction of dogs allowed in a timely manner to photograph the invisible winged creatures.

Released in 1991 limited edition book "Invisible Reality" Leonid Pritzker, geophysics, doctor of technical sciences, psychic, tells the story of how the author photographed ordinary "Zenit" mental images, and other entities. "The energy balls — the most common forms of concentration of bioenergy — wrote L. Pritzker. — They are formed over the high pointed spiers, domes of churches, topped with a cross over the TV tower, high-rise buildings, the tops of the mountains — where is the energy exchange with the Noosphere."

Anatoly Ohatrin created fotolep-ton machine that makes psi with photographs (sensografii) mental images, micro-entities roleptonnyh — wave trains, flying off of a man during an emotional lift. "During the mass excitement over the people rise up and settle large energy accumulation in the form of balls of black," — writes L. Pritzker. On sensografii made by him at a concert in the performance of music by Brahms, manifested image of the composer Johannes Brahms.

In 1994, the physicians of St. Petersburg brought international scientific symposium mysterious videotape. What they saw on the screen, do not fit into the well-known concepts of brain science. Hero Footage calm, still, but inside his skull and around the glowing pulse wave with heart rate. The waves penetrate the whole person and overshadow the space around the head. Doctors invited to watch this video of Academician Anatoly Akimov. He told doctors that the luminous waves, most likely, biological (torsion box), which electron spin resonance apparatus finally made visible to all. Torsion field — a kind of "fifth force", opened in XX century, after the forces of gravity and electromagnetism, strong and weak interactions, it is present wherever there is a rotation, — from the electron to the Galaxy. Torsion signal is transmitted instantaneously. Torsion radiation, as well as electromagnetic (light), has a different frequency, which is perceived by people as different colors. Torsion field (his phantom) may be many years away from the person. Torsion fields retain their spatial structure, and only the other torsion fields can destroy it.

During our conversation with A.Akimovym we showed him the amazing shot: retakes us icon under glass. On the negative, and the picture appeared a female face and a hand holding a ball of light, and another hand with rings on her fingers. What is it? Akimov said:

— This, apparently, torsion phantom, someone from the congregation of those who had come to this icon.

A similar effect was obtained in its photographic film Leonid Pritzker — unknown to him face, letters, messages, and author of "The Invisible field in your house," Valentin Lebedev. When the shot fell mirror or reflective objects, the camera recorded the man several times in the face of the profile or full face and a series of luminous balls. Similar effects are obtained and Alex Pryyma, author of "unknown worlds".

According to Akimov, amoeba and balls is a dynamic field structures, and they move.

We were told that they occur in the pyramidal structures, churches, or near the water. At a conference on bioenergy we filmed almost all the speakers. But the glow came over just psychics. Glow-different from maroon to black.

— They are just in different torsional bands. The colors in the film — this is also the frequency. Each color — its frequency, Ivan said, and explained:

— Glow in different shapes and colors are observed when taking and technopathogenic geopathic zones. This may be a reflection of the turbulence in the atmosphere, the glow of the torque component, which is born the most turbulence. And third — this may be a reasonable field structure. Most work in this area has done a scientist from Novosibirsk, Alexei Dmitriev. He clearly classified: no plasma-ids that are electrical type. There is a plasma level education, but structurally organized. And there is a reasonable field effect, a kind of "plates" that perform specific functions. They are based on the structure of the plasma, and it can not be destroyed. It is supported by internal connections. There is a photographic technique that does not require the conditions when fixed torsion radiation. Can be implemented purely hardware methods that do not require the participation of photographing a psychic, and therefore do not depend on the degree of enlightenment of anyone else. This is further evidence of physical objectivity of the subtle world.

Baikal Association dowsing since 1993 leads photographic anomalies over geopathogenic zones, faults, and those of the Baikal-technogenic zones. Photographic surveys conducted in the process of shooting geopathic zones using the framework. Anomalies recorded by any cameras from any delay, in color and black and white film. Accumulated thousands of photos of anomalies, which are interpreted with the information about the luminous balls, re-

opatogennyh areas, optical effects before earthquakes (on E. Barkov-sky).

The photo of geopathic zones fixed vertical poles, strips, straps, beams, black dots clusters, strange plasma essentially different of shades, sometimes in the form of birds, hanging over industrial complexes and tall chimneys of factories. These entities are recorded dowsing method, they usually hang over the head of the operator and photographer and appear on the photos as a "cell ciliates" with a nucleus in the middle.

Gennady Tchervyakov sensofotograf Baikal Association dowsing, dowsing Head of JSC "Boo ryatburproekt" at the international conference "Bioekstrasensorika Millennium" said

"When I began to get the first pictures of paranormal phenomena, tormented me, what is it? Then I realized that this field structures. Non-living and living. Inanimate — from geopathic zones and faults, but living (amoeba, balls, cage) — from psychosphere people. Before you take a picture, I define bioramkoy where this entity. I'm starting to shoot, these live-element theory flies to me, begin to circle, hang over your head. They respond to my biocurrents thought. They move quickly, I for them like a tree. And they are rapidly disappearing. They usually flies clockwise and very rare — counterclockwise. Apparently, it involves the torsion fields, they are twisted …

Reasonable living field structures — the souls of the dead, and there are spirits of the mountains. In Buryatia is the holy place where the tree is tied cloth. In these places, I usually fixed white substance or white ovals, or a huge bird. These field structures feed our mental energy. We remember the dead, and they are fed in our memories. "

Scientists have shown that animals generate laser beams of low power. This probably explains why there was a translucent gray cord on one of our pictures of dog and balloons plazmoi-dy at the lake and close to the pyramidal hill.

The human body also radiates energy photons with a wide range of wavelengths in the infrared part of the spectrum.

The human eye sees only the three primary colors: red, blue, green and combinations thereof. Our eyes can not see very much of what exists in more subtle states of matter (the astral and mental), and the camera lens is fixed.

During our dowsing shooting on the beach in October 1998 at Mount Ajudag in Crimea UFO appeared in the sky in the form of clouds, we managed to take a picture. But when we take a picture, then it has, in addition, a UFO emerged white semicircle-

ly UFO trail in the sea, invisible during the shoot.

A year later, in October 1999, in the same place at Ajudag Natalia Glazkov photographed the sky in the clouds, and the photo revealed a surprising picture — orange-brown and white UFO, not visible, and instead of bright sky appeared black. Photos of UFO identical photographs UFO over the mountain of Montserrat in Spain.

Scientist from Yalta Sergey Sharygin repeatedly observed a UFO on the southern Crimean coast and came to the conclusion that if they occur varies geomagnetic field. He repeatedly had to fix it bursts magnetometers flown during the UFO, even when they are not visually observed.

November 16, 1993 in the television show "Extra-UFO" video was shown UFO over Sevastopol evening of 5 August 1993. At this time in Yalta devices S.Sharygina showed bursts of geomagnetic field. A few hours later the UFO appeared over the sea at Yalta, which caused peak reading on the magnetometer. One such passage of several UFO recorded our camera.

Unusual photos before the Temple of Christ the Savior did N. Glazkov the day marked the 850th anniversary of Moscow, September 6, 1997. In the evening there was singing great combined choir, and photographs depicting the raging extravaganza torsion fields before the temple. Our reality is displaced if other dimensions of time and space, are visible only the lights, and the transition boundary is marked strange formations that resemble bundles of wire.

The architecture of the temple and its huge dome generates powerful torsion field, they change the energy space. Choir at the church created a second powerful resonance fields, sounds, thoughts, the great mass of people, and the result was amazing with the unique aura of the luminance and color, which closed the bottom of the first temple, and then the whole church. Disappeared persons photographed in these outbursts of multicolored red, yellow, dark blue colors and shades. Invisible energy telluric radiation of deep faults in the area of the temple, probably also contributed to this. A similar picture was taken N. Glazkov and a Catholic church in Yalta Day; monochrome dark gray aura of torsion fields reflected only power of the architectural form of the church, without the harmonization of space chorus voices (the color behind the Moscow extravaganza).

So, architectonics churches, domes, churches in a special structure to space, and possibly the physical processes in the church are changing, flow is not quite as it can be assumed from the laws of the familiar world.

V.Landa, N.Glazkova.

On the verge of the impossible 15 (268), 2001

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