Iranians are not allowed to sleep aliens or American spies?




Western and north-western part of Iran in the evening visit the flying saucers. This is reported by local media.

The last three days the residents of some settlements Iranian provinces of West Azerbaijan, Kermanshah, and about the same time (21.00 to 22.00) is observed in the sky a luminous flying saucer, which has great maneuverability, speed and the ability to change color — from red to blue.

Tehran University professor Ahmad Kiyani, who studies paranormal phenomena, explained that "talking about visiting Iran alien aircraft until there is no reason."

The scientist believes that "the most likely people watched the anomalous atmospheric phenomenon, something like the Northern Lights. Was last seen in Iran unstable weather with variable rainfall and temperature changes that could contribute to the formation of anomalous atmospheric luminous bodies."

The professor did not categorically deny appearing recently in the local population rumors about the possibility of visiting Iranian sky "super modern espionage by U.S. aircraft."

"In today's world, everything is possible, only the right thing to explain some phenomenon" — ironically added the scientist, RIA "Novosti".


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