Italy: found one of the most ancient cities of the Maya




Italian archaeologists have discovered in Guatemala is one of the largest and ancient Mayan cities. According to Francisco Estrada-Belli, who led a team of researchers in the settlement Sival at the peak of its prosperity lived about ten thousand people, but all of them subsequently hurriedly left his native town for some unknown reason. It is possible, however, that Sival was thrown due to an attack of soldiers from the stronger of the city of Tikal.

Until now it was thought that the Mayan culture began to emerge in the second millennium BC, and the flowering of civilization occurred in the period from 250 to 900. BC, however, made the discovery makes you think differently. In particular, scholars have drawn attention to the stone slabs with inscriptions, various ornaments of jade, as well as two giant masks five-by-three meters. According to the researchers, these masks made about 150 BC, perfectly preserved and is likely to have been used during various ceremonies.

Most of the buildings in the ancient city turned towards the east. This suggests that the inhabitants of the settlement were engaged in scientific research, in particular, were astronomical observations and measured the time. Finally, archaeologists discovered the ceremonial area with a diameter of about 800 meters and five pyramids, the largest of which reaches a height of 30 meters. Further excavations, according to Francisco Estrada-Belli, will produce many more unexpected discoveries, and will learn a lot about the once powerful Mayan civilization.

Battery News, 11.05.2004 9:26
Source: Kompyulenta

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