ITAR-TASS: Found seven years ago in Bosnia pyramid radiate energy

March 2, 2012 16:03

Discovered seven years ago in Bosnia pyramid radiate energy

LJUBLJANA, March 2. Itar-Tass Dmitry Ivanov. Discovered seven years ago in Bosnia in the capital Sarajevo huge pyramids emit energy. This was announced at the Ljubljana held a press conference of their discoverer and explorer archaeologist Semir Osmanagich.

 According to him, some of the so-called Bosnian pyramids have a strong energy field. "With the help of physicists and electrical engineers, we have proved that at the top of the" pyramid of the Sun "radiates an energy that comes out of her depth, — he said. — Such power anomalies are observed in several other pyramids near. "
Osmaragich also said that under the pyramid of the Sun team of archaeologists discovered underground tunnels with a total length of several kilometers. As a result of the work so far managed to clear the tunnel of about 600 meters, but it is already open to the public.
Bosnian pyramids were discovered in 2005 near the village of Visoko, 30 km from the capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Sarajevo. All of them are covered with thick layer of soil and previously considered just hills. The largest is 70 meters high mountain called Visocica, Osmanagich renamed the Pyramid of the Sun. Archaeologists believe that he discovered the pyramidal structures are man-made origin of the ancient Illyrians and built around XII century BC. If these assumptions are true, they are three times older than her "sisters" of the Cairo suburb of Giza.

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