Japan begins unplanned shutdown of nuclear reactors


05.07.11. Seismologists fear new devastating earthquake, which may lead to an accident at the plant.

In a dangerous tectonic zone were once three Japanese nuclear power plant, which will have to shut down the reactor.

The first will be disconnected from the mains power units at nuclear power plant Tsuruga Sendai and a capacity of 890 and 1,160 megawatts. They embark on unscheduled inspection, reports Reuters. At 200 kilometers southwest of Tokyo will be drowned out by all of the reactors, said on the eve of Prime Minister — Minister of Japan Naoto Kan.

This is caused by the forecast of scientists who predict a strong earthquake of magnitude 8 points in Shizuoka, where the Hamaoka nuclear power plant. It will be frozen for two years. The risk of new shocks will not weaken over 30 years, experts say. Recall thorough checks at Japanese nuclear power plants began after a powerful earthquake on March 11, which led to a serious accident at the Fukushima-1.

Meanwhile, the first emergency power unit "Fukushima" continues pumping water, which after 20 days completely close the fuel rods, said station operator — the company "TEPCO".


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