Japan intends to shoot from «metangidratnogo gun» to impress on Russia

Japan intends to shoot from

«By hook or by crook» — specifically how you can describe the global media messages about «breakthrough scientific achievements» of certain states in terms of energy production and a new kind of demoting of in oil and gas supplies to the world market.

Before we talk about how the United States of America declared themselves the main «slate revolutionaries», promising to reduce the dependence of the EU on supplies from Russia energoelementov on the horizon loomed the information from the East. It turns out that the Japanese authorities have also not happy conjuncture large gas prices, and therefore not just run across a large-scale production of so-called gas hydrates.

First month of Tokyo came the information that the Japanese company, oil, gas and metals conducted a detailed study of the subsoil below the ocean floor at a distance of 65-70 km from the peninsula Atsumi. The results of this study revealed that most of these are concentrated bowels impressive supplies of so-called methane hydrates, is a crystalline mass, something resembling a rather loose snow. According to Japanese media reports, the next month immediately several leading energy companies are going to start production of methane hydrates from which will then be released everyday methane. By 2018, Japan is going to enter the industrial establishment of methane gas hydrate, produced under the ocean floor.

A number, tell them so, opposition publications RF readily swallowed this information and have noted the publication in which it is reported that the Russian Federation has less than 5 years to feel relatively at ease as a supplier to the world market energoelementov. Say, in Europe expensive Russian gas will soon no one will be needed because the South American and British companies are going to develop shale gas in Ukraine, and come from the East residents of the rising sun, which his methanehydrates completely «poisoned» the Russian economy. Explicit and difficult to explain schadenfreude information in publications about the fact that «Russia — the end of» forces just shrug and more impenetrable to dispel that skepticism, which is celebrated editions both abroad and in Russia.

No, residents of the country of the rising sun, of course, well done … abandon nuclear energy increment gas imports by 11% per year, and here stated that begin to produce its own gas from the crystalline hydrate. What else can they do, no matter how rosy spell on energy prospects — only bright energy future by using its own «homebrew» gas …
Rejection of nuclear energy, which was declared the previous government of the Rising Sun after the terrible tragedy at the NPP «Fukushima» was first unanimously supported by the Japanese, and especially those who likened himself to the so called «green league.» Japan — a country with environmentally unblemished environmentally untainted creation! What a great motto for a party that wants to break into the country’s parliament.

But one thing, when cabinet ministers and parliamentarians citizens impose fine slogans, and quite another when these same citizens come invoice for housing services, are still huge, if come to the suspension of the Japanese nuclear power plants. It is worth recalling that the share of nuclear power in the Land of the Rising Sun in 2010 accounted for almost 30.6% of the energy market, and after the applets on the reduction of the role of nuclear power in the life of the rising sun the entire burden fell on power generation gas power station. Now fraction of gas CHP market in the Land of the Rising Sun is 59.6%.

When the average Japanese began to pay for the same quarter hour of electricity * almost 30% more than two years paid back, with inflation below 0.3% per year, it is possible to present themselves as such accounts perceived ordinary inhabitants of the country. And when you consider that about 43% of the total electricity produced in the Land of the Rising Sun takes on the industry, the state had to take extraordinary measures to Japanese products could remain competitive in the regional and global markets. Extraordinary measures was that the first time in long years the government decided to intervene almost directly into the economy, by giving it grants. But it endlessly for Land of the Rising Sun could not last, and so the new government conspiracy that, say, it’s time to defrost the NPP. Say, is not all the same, these stations are dangerous … You can come up with something to improve their protection from the elements … The Minister of Economy, Industry and Trade Land of the Rising Sun sovereign Motegi even said that as reactor safety inspection will reveal, so they will be immediately reopened. But before his government swore that until 2040 no one reactor «will not poison the vastness of the country.»

Needless to say, after the words Minister reactors will be considered non-hazardous. How differently! After all, the Japanese government is not going to continue to sink in the energy prepyadstviya. Here, as they say, not to the environment …

For obvious reasons, the Japanese took the business information on the likely «unfreezing» NPP with animation, and therefore shares a number of Japanese companies gained some weight. Around this time, Tokyo announced about their own views on the same gas hydrates, which reportedly podokeanicheskie subsoil rich so that the Land of the Rising Sun such gas may be sufficient for the coming 10 years.
Specifically, these data came in Russia, like stressing that if Our homeland and wishes to continue to supply gas to the Land of the Rising Sun, it is necessary to loaf about the real decrease in prices. But we must not forget that energoelementy Tokyo buys far not only in Russia. Our country is still provides less than 9% of the Japanese gas imports. Other volumes take on other vendors, namely, Qatar and the United States.

Japanese authorities understand that the longer they will renounce the use of nuclear energy, especially in the huge dependence they will get from zabugornyh energoelementov suppliers. First Tokyo is concerned that future growth of gas purchases in Russia can afford to have on Moscow authorities of the country of the rising sun the pressure on the South Kuriles. As they say, will step on the Southern Kurile «corn», turn off the gas … And deprivation 9% of imports still go compensated …

This situation is obviously not satisfied with the Japanese authorities, and therefore except for statements about the likely resumption of work most of the Japanese nuclear power plant, Japanese methanehydrates topic being discussed. But the difficulty for the Japanese is that the extraction of gas hydrates associated with drilling 300-400-meter wells at a depth of more than 1 km of the ocean. The pressure during such production will be large, which can lead to apparently bad consequences. There is another problem. Extraction of methane hydrates — is not just pumping through the pipe, and lifting crystals on the surface of the ocean. While there is no more or less applicable technology, allowing to raise gas hydrate on the surface without loss of the gas itself. Remove the danger, speak out so empty seine still very significant. Not a lot of loss of methane on the way from the depths to the surface through the water column kilometer lead to an increase in methane concentration in the water itself, which can lead to a true ecological disaster that will not lower on the negative plate to the environment, if the problem with nuclear power plants » Fukushima «.

Experts from the Global Fund Unleashed Nature Japanese authorities have already expressed their concerns over plans large-scale production of methane from methane hydrates. Namely, WWC reports that methane refers to greenhouse gases, and a local increase in its concentration in the ocean can lead to temperature rise and disappearance of marine plants and animals. Specialists WWC reminiscent of research works of so-called Permian extinction, when the release of methane from the depths led to tragic consequences for living organisms (about 95% of all living organisms became extinct 251 million years ago). Those actions one of the scientists even nicknamed metangidratnogo shot from a gun.

But when the issue at stake is the question of economic security, all fear defenders of wildlife perceived paranoia or unscientific fantasy. And so in the land of the rising sun while trying not to dwell on the fact that Tokyo has no non-hazardous gas hydrate production technologies. Main spend quality PR, so that the public has not found out about the side effects of such raw material extraction. And even more so they say not residents of the country of the rising sun that methane hydrate research and production carried out more than 40 years ago in the Soviet Union under the control V.G.Vasileva. Those studies have led researchers to conclude that produce methane hydrate can be, but it will cost very expensive, yes vpribavok danger of such production is very significant.

Now Tokyo is trying to say that in 40 years of research more or less harmless gas hydrate extraction technology of subsurface ocean has been established, and a couple of months the Japanese spetsy solve this dilemma … That production will fluctuate not necessary, but only learn Are we about its consequences — the big question. After all, even the «Fukushima» from Tokyo for a long time were that it is not a tragedy, as well — a little misunderstanding …
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