Journalists learned anomalous Moscow: Fractures, haunted house and Bermuda crossroads

November 5, 2011 17:53

Enthusiasts of the "Moscow Ghostbusters" have arranged for the journalists of the newspaper "Komsomolskaya Pravda" tour of the mystical "attractions" of the capital. As it turned out, in Moscow, many anomalous zones.

Thus, the Crimean bridge is not accidentally called "suicide bridge." Many visitors to the city and the Muscovites themselves often walk in this place and take pictures. Meanwhile, there are frequent suicide. "It's a historical place of heredity, — the" hunter "Vyacheslav Klimov, pointing to the right bank of the river. — Here a couple of hundred years ago was a backwater, where the bodies of criminals were hiding in the reeds. " Another said that "Moscow Ghostbusters" Ilya Sogliani, there is another version of why the bridge attracts suicides. "The River — tectonic fault, the magnetic field. It can be manipulated by man, "- he said.

The "hunters" have some special devices that fix the magnetic field, Ramps and other indicators. By all measures, indicators on the Crimean bridge above the average, the researchers told the abnormal. According to their observations, the magnetic field is running spikes becomes active on average twice a month. But the causes of this phenomenon are unknown.

Meanwhile, statistics show that suicide occurred on the bridge, but not often. Officially, there were only one suicide — in 2003, a woman thrown from a bridge into the river. Were attempts suicide when stopped — in 1999, 2002 and 2010.

Deputy director of the Institute of Physics of the Earth Evgeny Rogozhin said that any fault — it is almost a straight line. A Moscow-river meanders. "On the river there is fault, Zamoskvoretskiy, but to the Crimean bridge he has nothing. We live in a quiet tectonic zone. The magnetic field breaks psychopathic people are not affected. If affected, the Caucasus, people would despair with thousands of mountain whitefish. But this fact is not! "- Concluded the expert.

Another anomalous place — "Haunted House" at the Butcher, 22. This building Vyacheslav Klimov worked in the mid 90's and one of the night shifts witnessed inexplicable. He walked down the hall and suddenly saw a vague figure, hanging in the air. "I, as an expert on the anomalies, I know that 98% of all the" evidence "and" contacts "- just fancy people. But this time I had seen. Especially since five years have seen the ghost again, "- said the" hunter ".

In 2001, the night porter, surprised unintelligible sounds, went to check the building. "He sees — a woman in a cage elevator to the third floor, hanging in the air without any insurance. Old woman called out, "How do you get there? "- And she slipped on the big shadow down the elevator shaft. A second later a woman's voice tightened sad song, "- said the researcher anomalies. Wachter called the guard, he checked the elevator, which was no one, and the female voice, according to the narrator, he continued to sing.

Butchers, 22, — an office building, which now houses dozens of companies. But none of the staff did not witness any anomalies. But the numbers on the device "Moscow Ghostbusters" nevertheless "unpleasant twitching," the newspaper says.

At the intersection of Boulevard and Chistoprudny Pokrovka, according to the replicated data on the Internet, "in the last year, for unexplained reasons, 9 people died." Devices "hunters" no abnormalities at this point is not fixed. According to local residents, the story of the anomalous junction she heard, but "for twenty years, even an ambulance here is not never seen."

However, there are regular traffic accident victims. But the causes of accidents are quite explainable. "How could people not Cripple! — Said another local resident, pointing to the road signs. — Those who are Pokrovka Val goes to the ground, the rules can not be left to Chistoprudny Blvd. And they rod! "

Nevertheless, rumors persist tells the tragic local peculiarities. "On these sites say that supposedly on the crossroads people disappear or some memory lapses happen here — told Native Pokrovka Vladimir Semenov. — I am not surprised by anything. In the early 80's here in the county stood just five pubs and beer in those days more than a couple of mugs in one hand is not released. Here are the men and walk in a circle, taking turns as there did not fall out of time? '

The publication lists and other mystical places in Moscow. In Ostankino century ago in the swamps were pagan temples with sacrifices. One of the most famous legends of the Ostankino — the story of the old woman, who appears in the TV tower and warn people of the danger. About the house on the Garden Ring Beria also go weird rumors. Some tell of the strange sounds that you can hear some nights. If the car pulls up to the house, when in fact the road is absolutely clear. Is rumored to pranks ghost spirit Lavrenty Beria, who was executed in 1953, the newspaper said.

On Bolshaya Sadovaya, in the house 10 in the 20 years he lived Mikhail Bulgakov, then started writing "The Master and Margarita." Two parallel versions, as "bad apartments" in the novel appear that the 50 th, or 34 th apartment. Museum of Contemporary History of Russia in Tver, 21 is famous not only exposure, but also its own ghost. They say sometimes at midnight here comes the big translucent cat. The notoriety of the structure on the Arbat, 14 went after the middle of XIX century a suicide Prince Obolensky. Relatives of the "bad" house moved out and moved in a secret "dashing men." At night, there were planned raids and killings. People, bypassing the party place, "invaded" Arbat house vermin.

In Lefortovo tunnel is geopathic zone, where the "off" at the moment the drivers or vehicles. Psychics This explains accidents happen here, says the newspaper. Kolomenskoye in the "voice Ravine" according to legend George fought with the dragon. "Where is the hero horse hooves into the ground vrylsya — springs gone, and the remains of reptiles preserved in the form of huge magic boulders protruding from the ground. And they say that there is time gaps occur — people supposedly lost in these places and come back only decades later "- the newspaper. In Krylatskoye 17-story building 16 Autumn Street is notorious. By some tragic coincidence here almost every year someone brings their own lives. It is believed that this house was once built on the site of the old cemetery.

"Why, even in this age of Supertehnologiya people believe in these miracles and fairy tales? Because our society, I am convinced, is no different mentality from the people who lived centuries ago, "- said Dr. Cultural Studies, Professor of Moscow State University Vladimir Elistratov. He noted that the Slavs — people profoundly priestly, likes to talk about witchcraft.

"How many centuries before Christianity came to Russia, and pagan beliefs still remain. What people lack? Yes, just enough, except fairy tales! I am sure that the generation of today's seven or eight years old, and about the objects of our time will be writing some sacred stories. This is a completely natural process. If we do not so that's legends stew, it will be interesting, "- concluded the professor.

On the other hand, according to the source, "all these stories for many more and financially advantageous. For psychics of all stripes, for travel agencies that organize tours to mystical places of the capital. Talking about the many legends artificially supported. "

Recall that in April, journalists found in the center of Moscow anomalous zone. This site is the size of several football fields, is located seven kilometers from the Kremlin, between Basmanniy and Sokolniki district. The place is known as among moskvovedov Lesnoryadskaya anomalous zone, and the old-timers tell of its various "horror stories."

In Moscow, there are places that recognize abnormal even scientists. This so-called geopathic zone where anomalous electromagnetic radiation. As it turned out, in Moscow on dangerous point is about 15% of the tracks. People in such places often behaves inappropriately: it suddenly appears inexplicable anxiety, fatigue, increased pressure, quickens the heartbeat, leg cramp. In addition, it is noted that in the geopathic zone do not work or do not work at all electronic devices. Moment's confusion, coupled with the refusal of technology is enough to crash. In early October, in the suburbs, an anomalous trace. Information board, warning drivers about the disastrous stretch of road, there was a 66-69-kilometer highway Kiev. According to traffic police, Moscow region, the number of accidents on this segment actually increased

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