Jupiter and the Moon in the sky …

Moon and Jupiter at 8 pm Oct. 13. Image courtesy www.astronomy.ie

A bright star appeared in the sky near the moon. But this is not a star, and the planet Jupiter, which is visible to the naked eye.
David Moore, chairman of the Astronomy Ireland
, said: "The Moon and Jupiter two bright object in the sky and they are close to each other, this can be seen with the naked eye."

How often does this happen?

Jupiter is approaching Earth each year, and one or two times to be near the moon. In fact, the stage tonight happen again on November 9.

Some facts about the JUPITER & MOON:

Jupiter is the largest planet orbiting the Sun. It is 11 times larger than Earth. The moon is tiny compared to nimya. However, the moon is closer, while the distant Jupiter at 370 million miles.

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