Kamchatka bears attack people

In Kamchatka scared unusually aggressive behavior of bears. Beasts that before and not come close to the people, now under attack, again and again. Ate a man with a daughter. Another tourist miraculously survived. Cases — dozens.

According to one version, the residents themselves to blame. Then a rest in a sanatorium Lures predators, then throw poachers prey anywhere. As it is connected, and the more scientists explain bearish failure —Daniel understood Gorchakov.

Kamchatka bears this summer behaving unusually aggressive. Traditionally at this time of year, the huge beasts safely eaten off at the local berry fields or the like that get their fish to spawning streams. To man, and they will never cause was not. And then, as if out of your mind. Reports of new attacks on tourists and fishermen come almost every day.

A week ago, the whole Kamchatka was shocked by terrible news: on the bank of the river Paratunka suburban bear killed a man and his 19-year-old daughter. Meat tourists predator feeding brood of three cubs. Petropavlovsk resident Irina lucky. She-bear only a hand bite. It is surprising that the victim so easily remembers that night and, as they say, even then did not give up a relaxing holiday.

The incident occurred about campings Malki, where people are more than a month to lure predators. Inspectors attempted to ward off bears with rubber bullets. But vacationers outraged, in their opinion, the abuse of animals. And even the police summoned.

After the bear through the tent bite tourists hand predator and its progeny has been decided to shoot him. As the scientists explain, the wild beast, even once tried human food is potentially dangerous.

Another reason for conflict of man and wild beast — a mass poaching. Black fishermen left on the banks of the spawning rivers near roads and settlements here are heaps of gutted fish. With a pick up only spawn. The smell of rotting attracts bears.

Until now, scientists could not understand the reasons for the unprecedented aggressiveness Kamchatka bears. It seems to be the year turned out to be extremely fishy. But apparently poaching networks do not give rise to the upper Salmon River, that starved predators and go out to the people.

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