Kamchatka volcano ready to explode Kizimen


* 1/29/11 * Volcanologists examined Kizimen volcano. According to scientists, in recent days as the volcano became more active, which could even explode.
On the helicopter around the volcano

Employees Kronotsky Reserve and the Institute of Volcanology and Seismology (IVS) FED RAS circled located in Kamchatka volcano Kizimen shot it on an infrared camera and took snow samples. Employees of the department Kronotsky Reserve raised the inspectors report on the protection of the territory and the primary scientific data — records of visual observations of the animals, weather, temperature, water and air.

The last time the volcano of Kamchatka Kizimen (altitude 2,485 m) reminds himself emissions of ash and lava in 1928, and the two largest eruptions occurred 10,000 and 8300? 8400 years ago. But in November 2010 Kizimen woke up again and for more than three months ash contiguous territory Kronotsky reserve. Since 2011 the activity of the volcano has changed markedly. According to the group Volcanic Eruption Response «KVERT», from 23 to 25 January ash plumes rose to an altitude of 10 km above sea level, which is likely to endanger aircraft.

Before the flight over the volcano, scientists have landed Kronotsky lake, at a distance of 30 kilometers from Kizima. "Because of the ash deposit winter landscape seemed somehow unnatural. On the horizon loomed quite gray volcanic cone Kronotsky, which also got "the neighbor." Scientists from the Institute of Volcanology and Seismology, took samples of snow: in a slice thickness of 30 cm clearly distinguished three layers of ash — ash falls this November, the first of January and a very fresh. Sam Kizimen usually clearly visible from this point, she hid sent ash cloud "- write members flyby, Kronotsky reserve officers on his official website.

Scientists have described the volcano Kizimen: "From the crater erupted two pillars couple — white and dark gray, almost black. And all to the foot of the slope was littered with smoldering fragments erupted rocks. " Volcanologists and seismologists can not say Tolna how to behave on the volcano. But they have recorded a sharp increase in the number of seismic events (emission of pyroclastic volcanic bombs, accompanied by local earthquakes) in the last three days, an increase from 200-300 to 1200 events per day.

Jaroslav Ants, Deputy Director of the Institute of Volcanology and Seismology, does not rule out that the volcano could explode. But there are other scenarios, "giant", probably will work in the same mode for a few months or will pour viscous lava flows.

Vladimir Mosolov, Deputy Director of the Kronotsky reserve, sure insatiable volcano significantly spoil the health of the reserve residents. According to the scientists, in 2011, increased mortality of animals due to damage to the respiratory system. Furthermore, the ash (minerals) enriched waters, causing increased productivity biosystem.

Go round the volcano, scientists have discovered a number of groups of wild reindeer, bighorn sheep, moose, and numerous traces of smaller animals. Sergei Rafanov, head ecoregional Bering Kamchatka Branch, WWF suggests that due to unfavorable conditions animals may leave the protected area. In this case, they do not have to save the ashes, and the person.


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