Kashkulakskaya cave

It's about a mysterious cave, the entrance to which is located in the middle of Khakassia Plateau, on the slopes of Mount Kashkulak. Sami locals beware of wandering in places, and even more, never try to get inside the cave, which anciently called Black Devil's Cave.

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Old-timers tell the legend, according to which, in the vicinity of the mountain Kashkulak, in ancient times, the sacred river flowed, bearing the designation "Golden Stream". It is believed that this stream souls of the dead went to the world of the dead, and accompanied them on his last journey — a great shaman. But it took many years, and once it's time to die, and the shaman himself. People observing the customs of the time, burned the body and the ashes scattered over the golden stream. According to legend, it was in that moment, these places have become a gateway to other worlds.

Scientists are interested in Kashkulakskaya anomaly in the middle of the last century. From Moscow came an entire expedition of archaeologists, however, scientists have failed to start research. An unknown force obstacle stood in the way of science. Hardly going inside the cave, all the members of the expedition felt unmotivated attack of fear, do not stay there was no way something just kicked people out of the dungeon.

Since then and until today, many attempts have been made to lift the veil on the mystery Kashkulakskoy cave. Everyone who penetrated inside, take strange symptoms of sudden fear, oppressive feeling of discomfort, confusion, and auditory and visual hallucinations. Thanks to the installed equipment revealed that as soon as a person enters the external input, the whole cave starts magnetic storm. The researchers came to the unequivocal conclusion that the electromagnetic perturbations have artificial nature and source generator is somewhere deep in the mountains.

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