Kazan girl photographed ghost in his apartment

July 22, 2012 8:34

First the presence of supernatural forces in the house smelt cat.

Alena Nikolaeva captured paranormal at 11 pm, when her pet in the apartment smelled the presence of ghosts. The girl grabbed a camera and took a few shots of empty corridors. When she looked through the pictures that she was horrified — the photographs present a barely noticeable white silhouette.

— I was sitting at home when noticed a strange cat behavior — said Alain Portal ProKazan.ru. — She was in the hallway with a shaggy coat, staring at the front door and scared mewed.

According to the girl, her pet generally behaved in the presence of strangers. Fearing that the house could get the robbers, she picked up a heavy object and cautiously peered around the corner. But in the corridor there was no one. However cat kept hissing and meowing furiously.

— They say that animals are well see ghosts, but at that moment I decided that the cat is scared of something more tangible — continues Alain. — Grabbing the cat, I gently pushed her toward the door, but she abruptly pulled out of my hand and disappeared into the room.

The girl is nothing strange in the hallway did not notice, but just in case, decided to take some pictures on a digital camera, because he had heard that the ability of human vision in contrast to the animal is limited.

— When I started to see the pictures on the computer, she was horrified — they had a white silhouette, which moved down the hall — says Alain Nikolaev. — Speech that is a highlight, or simply brightening the camera can not be, as the "ghost" is well captured from different angles.

Girl could not sleep until three in the morning, and the morning brought pictures to the editors.

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