Kirov meteorologists photographed the rarest in the world of cloud

January 8, 2013 21:13

Kirov meteorologists photographed the rarest in the world of cloud

While the whole country, including the Vyatka, celebrated the New Year, the Kirov meteorologists do not forget to watch the sky. And as it turned out — for good reason. Amateur meteorologist managed to photograph one of the most endangered species in the world of clouds in the morning on January 2.

— Clouds of Kelvin-Helmholtz instability — a rare natural phenomenon in the world resembled the wing wave or traditional Greek geometric patterns — told "Komsomolskaya Pravda" amateur meteorologist from the village Darovskoy Alexei Kokorin. — These clouds are incredibly rare, because even when they occur, they are rarely in their form for longer than a few minutes. See it — a lot of luck.
As we assured people forecaster, Kelvin-Helmholtz instability can occur when a high-speed shift relative to each other two substances. This requires a certain difference between the rates of these substances moving through their interface. Helmholtz scientist studied the dynamics of two fluids of different density, noticing a little twist in the form of waves on the combination of these substances. On the same principle, and clouds are formed as a rare form. Clouds in the form of waves are the result of movement of the wind at their level. Turbulence can develop in cirrus clouds, causing an inversion between air currents with different speed and / or direction. Sea waves breaking on the shore, and their tops bent. Cloud-like waves breaking on the border this air flow. This beautiful phenomenon can be seen in most of the world, but only in the rarest of cases.

— In the world there are quite a few photos with these clouds, so the photos are unique in its kind — has assured us Alexei Kokorin. — From the rare clouds, they are considered the most beautiful and unusual. Even when they do, they remain in their form a minute or two … no more. Therefore, they are also very difficult to fix.

By the way, Alex is interested in meteorology since 2005. And it had to do a lot of exclusive pictures of nature. And also makes forecasts and rarely makes mistakes.

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