KOLCHUGINO anomalies

September 27, 2012 12:26

Near the town of Kolchugino is anomalous zone, which draws attention to all the fans to understand and explain. This forest area, which is visited by many nature lovers.
For the first time seriously talking about the zone after a single case, which occurred with a hunter from Moscow. One summer, he decided to leave the noisy city, relax, and along with hunting. Took with him a backpack, a hunting rifle and everything you need to stay in the forest. He decided to go hunting in the forest, near the town Kol'chugina, where he arrived on August 24. In the woods, he went by himself, decided to be alone with nature. Forest Air positively influenced Muscovite, he went into the woods and he could not breathe, it was very fresh and cool. In good spirits, he went to his conceived campaign.
As a seasoned hunter, he wanted to go deeper into the forest, and there is pitch a tent, start a fire and cook for all of its forest area. He did so. After a short rest, he decided to go hunting, but to my surprise, said that he had lost the landmark. Where are the notches on the trees, which he made his way back, he did not understand. He walked the immediate area on all sides, but, no nicks, he left, he found. Hunter was seriously excited and could not understand how this could happen with it.

He is like a vicious circling in the same place, in whatever direction is not sent. He walked in circles as much as two days, had to spend the night in the woods for two nights. Desperate, did not know what to do. Exhausted, he decided that it would be to walk aimlessly. Completely exhausted, he suddenly came out of the woods yet. Do not believe such happiness, he immediately went to the booking office for the return ticket home.

Sitting in the waiting room, he happened to look at the ticket, which for some reason was the date of his arrival in Kolchugino. According to his calculations, the ticket must be shown the number 26. Why he was given an old ticket, he could not understand. Asked the passenger seated next to see the ticket, which was also dated the 24th. Later, he realized that in the woods with him there was a very strange story, and most likely to blame for this anomalous forest land, which he had accidentally strayed. After all, he spent the entire forest in two sleepless and anxious night. Once again, he checked back and found the information in its reliability.
Analyzing his adventure, he realized with horror that hung around in the woods quite a bit, most likely, if you follow the usual time, it turns out that he only went to the forest and immediately came out, despite the fact that he was there for two days. It was only his day spent in the anomalous zone, near the village Konysheva. Forest time there had nothing to do with the usual time.

Your adventure he shared with friends, who in turn passed it to the story to others. Thus, his interest in the history of the newspaper reporters from Ryazan 'Meshcherskaya side. " With the help of their colleagues in Kolchugino, they collected a very interesting article on the anomalous forest.
Stories was more than enough to declare this area anomalous. One avid hunter from the city Kol'chugina told his case. One day he went to the forest and as usual climbed a tree to settle down and began to wait prey. Suddenly he saw a man at the bottom, which was headed in his direction. He was very surprised, because in such remote places to meet people is just incredible. Hunter intensely watched a man, but as he approached, our hero almost fell out of his hiding place. This Wanderer he found himself. His "twin" stopped by a tree, looked around and walked away into the depths of the forest.
Speechless, he packed up his belongings at lightning speed, and without knowing how, quickly found himself on the main street of a nearby village. Hunter was surrounded by excited locals, they wanted to know from whom he ran away so fast, because for him no one chased. At that time he did not say anything because they do not want to look like a madman.

Konysheva resident who lived in the village for years has, he came across a wide clearing in the woods. Get some fresh air, he went home the same way. The road back was given to him is not easy. He walked through the trees and he was accompanied by a strange woman's laughter. The faster he went, the louder the laughter rang. Unable to stand it, he began to run, but it did not help. Although he came very close, way back for more than five hours. As soon as he came down from the clearing, female laughter immediately stopped. Tired and utterly exhausted, he barely reached the house.
Hearing these and many other interesting stories, journalists from Ryazan have wanted to see this amazing place. They equipped the whole expedition, was persuaded to go with them, even the priest, and this lineup headed to the famous thicket, after taking a compass and a map, drawn up by another Muscovite.
According to the map, go to the ill-fated space needed just over three kilometers. This in itself is happy, because it was not far to go, but our mission was more than two hours, and this place had not yet seen. The group was a hundred meters and compass began to spin in opposite directions. Served as a welcome guide clearance, which supposedly come and view through the trees. Until it was not much, but no matter how they tried to quickly get that far, nothing. Clearance is not near, but not removed. The impression that the group marking in one place.

Tired of the expedition said they are already in the "hronozone" because their fifth trip lasts an hour, and they can not reach the goal. The group decided to turn back. Exhausted people hoped that four hours later they come back out of this enchanted place, but the other it took only forty-five minutes. The priest said that this is an unknown force would not let them into their possession, and seeing that the group went back, even helped her to quickly leave the anomalous zone.
Scientists explain the presence of such phenomena geomagnetic radiation or deep faults, which is being held in this place.

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