Korea ordered FA-50 fighter billion dollars

Korea ordered FA-50 fighter billion dollars
Company Korea Aerospace Industries (KAI) has received an order the Defense Ministry of South Korea to supply the party light multipurpose fighter FA-50 the total price of 1.1 trillion won (one billion dollars). It is reported by Flightglobal.
About how many aircraft it is, representatives of KAI explain publication refused, citing privacy. Terms aircraft deliveries also not specified. Disk imaging on Flightglobal, assembly of aircraft will last until 2016. KAI representative also said that at the company collected one or two aircraft per month.
In January 2012, the Korean Ministry of Defense has ordered 20 FA-50 fighters total cost of 600 million dollars. So makarom each plane cost the customer 30 million bucks. First eight aircraft Korea will receive in 2013, and the remaining 12 — in 2014.
In total, Korea can be purchased from 60 to 100 new light fighters, which will change the outdated F-5 Tiger II.
Light Fighter FA-50 is designed based on combat training subsonic aircraft T-50 Golden Eagle. It can reach speeds of up to 1.6 thousand kilometers per hour and is capable to overcome to 1.9 thousand kilometers. Fighter resettled communication system standard Link 16 pulse-Doppler radar EL/M-2032, night vision devices, and system warning receiver.

Aircraft in service costs 20-millimeter cannon. In addition, the fighter can carry guided and unguided missiles, bombs and various types of total weight up to 4.5 tons.
Except South Korea FA-50 fighters are planning to acquire the Philippines. As reported, it is about 12 aircraft, the supply of which could begin in 2015.

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