Krasnoyarsk suburbs chosen brown bears

In the parks of Krasnoyarsk settled bears.
Krasnoyarsk suburbs chosen brown bears. One of them is seen in the most visited amusement park citizens' Beaver Log ", located in the city. Game wardens, suggest that the large male — the width of his feet was 17 inches.

As described by the press service of the State Nature Reserve "Pillars", immediately adjacent to the city on the eve of the directorate staff found three more bears that walked in the creek Kaltat two kilometers from the park "beaver log."

"The most likely cause of the output of the beast" in people "- leaving the tourists food waste. Animals quickly the habit of begging. If the animal has ever tasted food waste, it may cease to produce their own food the traditional way. Beast can attract even paper, which was wrapped food ", — the press-service of the reserve.

Meeting with the wild brown bears do not bode well. In September 2008, the bear attacked the rescuers who went in search of three lost tourists from Kazakhstan. From the clutches of a predator seriously injured two rescuers.

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