Kupchino: From cranes forth water, smelling of hydrogen sulfide


7.07.11.Iz taps in the house on Malaya in Bucharest Kupchino flowing water with the smell of rotten eggs.
"From time to time out of the taps and the cold and hot water, the water starts to go with the smell of rotten eggs. This may last a week or two, then stop. Such complaints are not only in our area (Small Buharestkaya), but also from colleagues who zhiuvt around Kupchino. This was reported by the People's Irina peterburzhenku line "news."

Turbid water, smells, wash it or use for cooking there is no way the feeling that it drained sewage after incomplete cleaning. And the presence of odor indicates the presence of disease-causing bacteria "- complains Irina.

Irina joined with residents' complaints and other urban areas.

"Nevsky district — from weekend water stinks!" — Reminds peterburzhenku Lyudmila. — Even if you miss more — no effect. Take nasty shower (do not say anything about the food) … "

And Olga and Galina report that "rotten" water appeared in homes in Krasnoselsky near

"The prospect of Veterans water smells like fish." A "People's Militia d.221 instead of hot water flowed cold with a nasty smell."

Recall that complaints of improper color and smell of the water in St. Petersburg and the Leningrad region are not unusual. Street residents Olminskogo Nevsky district still insist that the tap water smells like fish, but check "Vodokanal" has shown that the water's fine.


Source: Gazeta.Spb

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